Simmons Bedding is Living Life Fully Charged™

This morning Simmons Bedding Company announced the introduction of a complete brand transformation, making a commitment to communicate directly with consumers and to provide them the brand promise of “Living Life Fully Charged™.”

This new tagline sets the stage for the company’s upcoming advertising campaign, the largest in the history of the Beautyrest® brand, and for three new bedding lines being introduced at this week’s Las Vegas Furniture Market. In addition to Beautyrest®, the brand umbrella now features Beautyrest Black® and ComforPedic® from Beautyrest®. All three include the revolutionary Recharge™ Sleep System, blending technology to help consumers recharge to ensure they are Living Life Fully Charged™.

“Over the past year, we’ve invested significant resources into market research to truly listen to our consumers in the marketplace and better align our products with what they truly want,” said Simmons CEO Gary T. Fazio. “We’re providing consumers the benefits they’re desperately looking for, to get a great night’s sleep and wake up ready for Living Life Fully Charged.”

Beautyrest® Recharge™ Sleep System Keeps Consumers Living Life Fully Charged™: Debuting at this week’s Market, the Beautyrest® Recharge™ Sleep System combines three cutting-edge technologies – AirCool™ Memory Foam, AirCool™ Design and Independent Support™ Technology – designed to deliver the comfort you want and the support your body needs so you can wake up Living Life Fully Charged™. As part of the system, Independent Support Technology provides personalized back support and spinal alignment, while AirCool™ Memory Foam’s open cell structure conforms to your body and provides pressure-point relief and freedom of movement. Meanwhile, AirCool™ Design components enhance airflow and dissipate heat to help keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature. Additional elements include a smooth knit Evenloft® Surface that lightly stretches to form to your body, an AirCool™ BeautyEdge® Foam Encasement that enhances airflow through the mattress and offers stability right to the edge and AirCool™ Mesh Border Fabric with Breathable Surround that envelops the mattress for greater breathability and airflow.

“All of these elements work in concert to deliver a sleep experience like none you’ve experienced before,” said Mark Owen, Simmons’ senior vice president of brand management. “Simmons is redefining the iconic Beautyrest brand to encapsulate what the brand means today. Our ComforPedic from Beautyrest memory foam collection now lives under the Beautyrest brand umbrella, providing a stronger breadth of differentiated bedding solutions within the Beautyrest portfolio.”

Beautyrest® TruEnergy™ Recharges Beautyrest® Brand: The new Beautyrest® TruEnergy™ collection, which replaces Beautyrest® World Class®, represents significant advancements across the Beautyrest® brand to ensure consumers are Living Life Fully Charged™. The line’s Recharge™ Sleep System fuses AirCool™ Design and AirCool™ Memory Foam with legendary Beautyrest® Smart Response™ Pocketed Coil® Technology. The spring’s dual action design enhances conformability and contouring while offering progressive levels of personalized back support for proper sleeping posture throughout the night. The nine models feature a 20-year limited warranty and range in price from $1,599–$2,799, while select models feature AirCool™ Memory Foam with GelTouch™ for added pressure relief.

“At retail, we’ve created Recharge Sleep Stations designed to truly connect with our consumer base and allow our customers to interact with Beautyrest products in a more private setting,” said Rolf Sannes, vice president of Beautyrest brand management. “A canopy overhang and staging beds foot-to-head against the wall allow consumers to kick back and enjoy video elements that convey how you should be Living Life Fully Charged.”

New Beautyrest Black® Collection Provides Indulgent, Restoring Sleep: Also featuring the new Recharge™ Sleep System, the new Beautyrest Black® and Beautyrest Black Beyond™ collections blend new technologies to create a luxurious and decadent sleep experience. Nestled exclusively inside the Beautyrest Black® mattress are hundreds of Advanced Pocketed Coil® springs – a triple-wrapped helix of high-carbon steel encased in soft fabric for increased durability, motion separation and conformability. In all, the new line features nine models, each with AirCool™ Memory Foam with GelTouch™, comfort foams and a 20-year limited warranty. Suggested retail pricing for the collection is $1,999–$2,999 for Beautyrest Black® and $3,999–$5,999 for Beautyrest Black Beyond™ models.

ComforPedic® from Beautyrest® Continues Growth:  The re-engineered ComforPedic® from Beautyrest® collection features the Recharge™ Sleep System, bringing together proprietary memory foam technology and enhanced support to conform to your body while still maintaining freedom of movement. Proprietary AirCool™ Memory Foam infused with gel technology rests atop hundreds of sculpted cushions in the lower layer that respond independently to your shape and movement for the personalized support and spinal alignment your body needs to wake up Living Life Fully Charged™. Smooth knit covers, open cell formulation and breathable mesh border fabrics help to keep you at your ideal temperature while the AirCool™ Edge system offers support and stability right to the edge.

“ComforPedic has celebrated compounded annual growth in recent years,” said Brad Hill, senior vice president and general manager of specialty products North America. “The brand’s positive feedback and strong consumer loyalty base, combined with the line’s recent addition of the Recharge Sleep System, propel the brand to realize even greater success both with the consumer and at retail.”

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About Simmons Bedding Company: Atlanta-based Simmons Bedding Company is one of the world's largest mattress producers and the maker of Beautyrest®. Simmons manufactures and markets a broad range of products including Beautyrest®, Beautyrest TruEnergy™, Beautyrest Black®, ComforPedic® from Beautyrest®, Natural Care® and BeautySleep®. Simmons Bedding operates 19 conventional bedding manufacturing facilities across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Simmons Bedding also serves as a key supplier of beds to many of the world's leading hotel groups and resort properties. Simmons Bedding is committed to developing superior mattresses and promoting a higher-quality sleep, helping ensure consumers around the world are Living Life Fully Charged™.

About AOT Bedding Super Holdings, LLC: AOT Bedding Super Holdings, LLC owns and manages two of the world's largest bedding manufacturers, Simmons Bedding Company and National Bedding Company, LLC. Under AOT Bedding's direction and leadership, the two companies work together where joint activities can achieve efficiencies, enhance results or provide better products and services to customers. In the marketplace, Simmons is responsible for maximizing the success of the Beautyrest®, Beautyrest Black®, Beautyrest TruEnergy™, ComforPedic® from Beautyrest® and BeautySleep® brands, while National Bedding is responsible for its competing brands of Serta®, iComfort® and Perfect Sleeper®.