Silentnight Makes Its US Debut, Bringing A Message Of Trust And Support

One of the United Kingdom’s most prominent mattress brands has officially made its way across the pond. Silentnight recently inked a licensing deal with AW Industries to establish retail distribution in the United States. Unveiled at the fall High Point Market, the company’s new suite of products highlight the key assets the Silentnight brand can bring to any retail showroom. Offering market exclusivity, product flexibility and backed by a strong brand story, Silentnight is gearing up for continued growth in the year ahead.

While it may still be new to the US, the Silentnight brand has a strong presence in England. Not only has the company been around for nearly 75 years, it is touted as one of the UK’s “Superbrands.” This distinction is only awarded to the top brand within each field, as voted by a combination of consumers and business executives—putting Silentnight alongside brands like Barclay’s, British Airways and Rolls Royce. These accolades provide added credence to the company’s positioning as the “most trusted” mattress brand in the UK.

As Silentnight looks to expand its distribution in the US, that story of trust and integrity will remain at the forefront. The company is committed to working with licensing partners that can live up to its exacting standards.

“It’s one of the biggest positioning statements for the brand in the UK, and we’re going to tap into it over here too,” said Mark Hobson, Silentnight’s US representative. “First, by selecting the right partners, making sure they understand and can live up to that promise. And then, the consumers will be able to trust that whatever they’re presented in store will be performed the way they expected.”

AW Industries debuted its Silentnight product portfolio at the fall High Point Market, showcasing an array of well-merchandised mattresses, including memory foam, hybrid and latex options. Offering attractive features and eye-catching styling, the line was designed to deliver elevated gross margins and higher average sales tickets—at a time when many retailers need them most. Not only are the products built with high quality materials, but they are backed by the sales service and support retailers have come to expect from AW Industries.

By offering limited distribution and market exclusivity, Silentnight provides its partners with the flexibility to curate product lines to meet their specific regional needs. This strategy also ensures that each retailer is able to control their own marketplace.

At a time when both manufacturers and retailers are navigating new challenges and opportunities, honesty and integrity have become more important than ever before. “When all things are equal, people do business with people they trust. And when things aren’t equal, they still do business with people they trust,” Hobson explained. “Trust is the cornerstone of all business. It’s the reason why people will pay more for products. It’s the reason why people will continue to do business with a rep or a company or a manufacturer.

In this critical moment, Silentnight is building its US reputation around reliable regional support, curated assortments and strategic distribution—and backing it up with an internationally-acclaimed branding story. Equipped with a reputable message of quality and trust, the Silentnight name delivers a key differentiator that will make an impact on the retail floor.