Shifman Launches New Strategic Plan

Shifman Mattress is kicking off the new year by introducing a new strategic plan aimed at reenergizing the company and delivering more support to its retail customers. In addition to providing an improved RSA training program, streamlined onboarding experience for new retail partners, the new plan also includes elevated marketing assets such as new artwork and printed collateral.

“Our new and strengthened leadership team is poised to implement a strategic plan that includes enhancing support for our existing customer base, expanding our footprint in targeted areas and rolling out our corporate rebrand,” said Bill Hammer, Shifman president. “During the latter part of 2019, we also focused on internal improvements as they relate to people and processes. It’s easy to get immersed in the finest details of handcrafting luxury products the way we do, so it is that much more important that we take time to highlight the people who make The Shifman Difference.”

(L, back) Lisa Frey, Phil Zucker, John Walsh, Bill Hammer; (L, front) Ruth Smith and Alison Minella.

With Shifman since 2012, General Manager Phil Zucker oversees all departments including manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer service. His extensive experience in both manufacturing and sales provide him the acumen and leadership to manage Shifman’s day-to-day operations and personnel across all departments to develop strategic plans, enforce policies and internally communicate corporate business goals.

Alison Minella, Shifman marketing director since January 2018, has 21 years of expertise in business development and marketing. Her demonstrated creativity and leadership have allowed her to spearhead several corporate initiatives including the development of elevated brand positioning, retail advertising, refining the aesthetic design of new products and strengthening the company’s social media content and engagement.

Recently hired as the National Sales Director, Lisa Frey is leading the external sales team to expand distribution and grow the Shifman brand among fine furniture and mattress retailers. She will also be the driving force behind new sales training, communications and advertising initiative implementation for Shifman’s retail partners.

Rounding out the leadership team are Plant Manager John Walsh and Head of Customer Service and Sales Support Ruth Smith, who are integral to customer relationships and operations efficiencies.