Shifman Launches New Handmade Collection At Bloomingdale’s

Shifman Mattress Company has unveiled the new Handmade Collection, which is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s.

For over 26 years, Shifman and Bloomingdale have maintained a strong partnership, offering customers the opportunity to sleep on natural, handmade mattresses. Bloomingdale’s values Shifman’s 120 year tradition of manufacturing mattresses of the finest quality, and will welcome the new Handmade Collection to the floors this month.

“The new Handmade Collection was a collaboration between Shifman and Bloomingdale’s,” expressed Andrea Antinozzi, mattress buyer of Bloomingdale’s. “Creating unique premium products at the right comfort levels took us a while to finalize, but the end product is fantastic. Handcrafted using the finest luxury materials and designs at an exceptional value. These are the key ingredients that have made our partnership so successful and our customers so satisfied over the last 26 years.”

The new Handmade Collection is assembled with fine natural materials including up to 83 pounds of cotton, silk, angora, cashmere, natural latex foam, New Zealand Joma wool and titanium support systems. The product line also features aesthetic improvements including genuine brass corner guards and medallions, enhanced fabric designs and specialty tapes. “This unique combination of materials offers firm support with extremely plush surfaces never achieved before,” expressed Bill Hammer, president of Shifman. “The improved comfort levels will now appeal to a larger audience with varying preferences.”

These innerspring mattresses are matched with upholstery coil boxsprings to absorb weight and movement, minimizing motion transfer and leading to lasting comfort. A nationally accredited independent testing lab found that other leading brands lost up to 24 percent of firmness in the first year of use, while Shifman Handmade mattresses did not lose any firmness over a 10-year period. “I am thrilled to offer such a top quality product to our customers that will last for many years,” stated Mike Hammer, CEO of Shifman. “The quality of this product is not only built for lasting comfort, but is designed for the ‘luxury ride’ that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.”

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About Shifman Mattresses: Shifman Mattresses, a family-owned company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury, handmade mattresses that are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity and true craftsmanship that the company was founded on over 120 years ago. Deeply rooted in more than a century of tradition, Shifman maintains its heritage and continues to proudly handcraft its mattresses at its 84,000 square foot facility in Newark, NJ. Shifman has a proven track record of creating strategic partnerships with its dealers to increase retail sales and customer satisfaction.