Shifman Launches Luxury Two-Sided All-Latex Mattress for Bloomingdale’s

Creating exclusive collections allows Shifman Mattresses to satisfy specific consumer demand for their retail customers. Shifman’s newest bedding collection, created exclusively for Bloomingdale’s, includes the highest quality of natural latex available for superior comfort and durability.

“We are excited about the introduction of this new line of latex mattresses that will appeal to the particular wants and needs of the foam bed customer” says Bill Hammer, president of the New Jersey-based Shifman Mattress Company. He adds, “As always, the company has approached the line’s creation with the tradition of excellence and focus on luxury, comfort, quality and value that makes Shifman unique.”

The new Natural Embrace and Perfect Embrace collections are distinguished from the company’s other signature collections, by an uncommonly high content of Talalay latex. Talalay latex foam is known to be the finest natural latex available, allowing mattresses to contour to the curves of the body in any sleeping position, thereby reducing stress on pressure points. In addition, the foam’s breathability and high density make the latex durable and long lasting.

According to Shifman CEO, Mike Hammer, “This propels Shifman into the foam bed arena and offers the discerning Bloomingdale’s customer the finest latex mattress selection. I believe it’s the only two-sided latex mattress line available today. We are proud of our relationship with Bloomingdale’s and our ability to satisfy the needs of every Bloomingdale’s bedding customer.”

Natural Embrace and Perfect Balance will be added to Bloomingdale’s other exclusive Shifman products, including The Handmade Collection and The Traditional Collection as well as the company’s new PowerMotionand PowerMotion Plus power-adjustable beds bases.

Collaborating with a manufacturer to develop a collection exclusively for a particular store and its customers can do a lot to set a company apart from the competition.

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About Shifman Mattresses: Shifman is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury, hand-crafted mattresses that are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity and true craftsmanship by which the company was founded on 119 years ago. A family-owned company, Shifman increased its facility by 40 percent in 2008 and today operates out of an 84,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Newark, NJ. Shifman has a proven track record of creating strategic partnerships with its dealers to increase retail sales and customer satisfaction.