Shifman Introduces Platform Bed Program at High Point Market

ShifmanMaking a noteworthy departure from their ultra-traditional mattress offerings, Shifman Mattress will introduce a new specially designed mattress for platform beds at the spring High Point Market. In addition to debuting this newest addition to their line, Shifman will also feature improved showroom displays and advertising, emphasizing natural materials and long lasting comfort.

Previously, all Shifman mattresses were designed to work in conjunction with real working boxsprings, displayed in the galleries of high-end furniture stores as mattress and boxspring sets. Made of superior-grade Canadian spruce sourced from sustainably managed forests, Italian twine, and hourglass-shaped steel upholstery coils, Shifman’s signature eight-way, hand-tied box-springs are an important component, working with the mattress to conform to the body and add superior comfort and mattress support.

However, traditional high-quality furniture stores have begun shifting to more transitional designs including platform beds. To keep up with trending styles and to stay true to its commitment of always meeting customers’ needs, Shifman has created a special line of mattresses for use without a boxspring.

“We feel Shifman and its valued dealer partners can capitalize on additional sales from a niche market for specially designed platform bed mattresses,” explained Mike Hammer, CEO of Shifman.

Eliminating the boxspring puts added stress on the typical one-sided mattress, requiring that platform bed mattresses be constructed differently. Like all of their traditional mattresses, Shifman engineered their plat- form bed mattresses to also be two-sided, allowing it to be flipped in order to maintain long lasting comfort.

“A two-sided mattress made with natural materials such as cotton is the best option for a platform bed. Our intention is to create a separate display of platform bed mattresses in addition to our full range of mattresses for use on boxsprings,” stated Bill Hammer, President of Shifman.

The company’s luxury platform bed mattress collection aims to satisfy the needs of a consumer that prefers a platform bed, but is looking for the same quality and long lasting value that a two-sided Shifman mattress set offers.