SHEEX Enters The Mattress Category With New Cooling Collection

SHEEX, Inc. has expanded its portfolio of performance sleep products with the SHEEX Performance Cooling Mattress—the company’s first extension into the mattress category. Developed in partnership with Paramount Sleep, this new five-bed line-up features advanced temperature-regulating technologies to ensure superior cooling comfort and optimum sleep quality.

“Our SHEEX mattress line is best in class,” said SHEEX Co-Founder and CEO Susan Walvius. “After years of research and development, we are excited for our SHEEX customers to have a super cool mattress to complete their SHEEX sleep system.”

The line consists of four hybrid mattresses and one bed-in-a-box. Each mattress features aerated copper infused Talalay latex and proprietary Ice-Cool performance materials with temperature-regulating CoolX phase change technology (PCM). The PCM regulates body temperature based on the bedroom environment, while the CoolX fibers absorb excessive body heat and release it back as needed.

“The outer layer actually feels cool when you touch it, which helps you sleep better,” Walvius continued. “The mattress is constructed with layers upon layers of technical performance materials. These multiple inner layers afford the ideal support and restorative benefits of copper ions in a cooling gel-infused memory foam.”

With this new mattress line-up, SHEEX now offers retailers a complete Performance Sleep System. With branded mattresses, sheets, pillows, mattress pads, comforters and even sleepwear, retailers can give their customers the opportunity to curate their own sleep experience from a wide range of options.

“We build every product to perform individually but focus on how those individual products work together as a system,” Walvius explained. “Every component of our sleep system uses high-tech materials focusing on sensation and the importance of feel and comfort during sleep.”