Sealy Unveils Expanded Mattress Portfolio

Tempur-Sealy International recently unveiled an all-new, expanded mattress portfolio under its Sealy brand. The new Sealy mattresses feature technologies that provide enhanced support and durability, including ultra-responsive coils and memory foams and breathable, cool-to-the-touch covers, to help keep consumers comfortable throughout the night. 

As part of this expansion, Tempur-Sealy simplified the Sealy portfolio to include Sealy Essentials, Posturepedic and Posturepedic Plus product lines and a range of Innerspring, Foam and Hybrid options. With choices that range from $199 to $1,999 in queen, the new lineup makes it even-easier for consumers to find the perfect Sealy mattress for their needs—regardless of shape, size, sleep style or budget. 

Developed in conjunction with orthopedic specialists to deliver exceptional support, the Sealy Posturepedic mattress first made its debut nearly 70 years ago. The all-new Sealy Posturepedic mattress collection builds on this legacy. It is expertly-engineered to deliver enhanced support and comfort, offering an array of quality features. Motion-absorbing responsive coils deliver enhanced support and stability for the entire body, while the new breathable covers and cooling features help keep consumers comfortable throughout the night. The new line is finished with Sealy’s proprietary Surface-Guard Technology—an EPA-registered antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiallergen treatment that kills bacteria on the mattress surface and protects it from common allergens. 

Embodying Sealy’s commitment to industry-leading quality, the new collection not only incorporates built-to-last materials but underwent rigorous testing before hitting the market as well. During the manufacturing process, each mattress endures proprietary robotic tests that simulate years of rolling, sitting and jumping on the beds as well as shipment testing that simulates a 500-mile ride—to ensure that it delivers quality down to the smallest details. 

“For 140 years, Sealy mattresses have helped millions of people get a great night’s sleep,” said Scott Thompson, Tempur Sealy Chairman and CEO. “We are proud to build on Sealy’s history of delivering unrivaled support, comfort and quality with our latest innovations, a new generation of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, and a streamlined Sealy portfolio that is designed to make the shopping experience easier for consumers and the retailers helping them.” 

The range of models across the new Posturepedic, Posturepedic Plus and Essentials collections are currently launching at select Sealy national retailers, with additional models being introduced throughout the year. 

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