SAS/Natura sign multi-year lease at World Market in Vegas

Spring Air Sommex Corp. has signed a multi-year lease for a space at the Las Vegas World Market Center.

This is an important step and investment for the company to support its mandate to better serve its customers. This will be a first for SAS and will allow it to re-introduce its recently purchased Natura brand as well as introduce ergonomically designed Obusforme sleep products to the US market. This permanent space in Las Vegas will serve as the US showroom during markets and will also support the sales team during off market times for customer presentations.

Debuting this summer at World Market in Las Vegas:


With an emphasis on a relaxing night sleep , every ObusForme mattress is ergonomically designed to contour to the curves of your body for correct sleep posture and spinal alignment. Whatever your needs, ObusForme has you covered with two unique lines of sleep sets.

The Checkerboard Coil Collection is designed for those that want to align their spine, alleviate back pain and maximize circulation, with zoned alternating right-turn and left-turn twice tempered coils.

The ObusForme® Individually Encased Coil Collection is the perfect solution for couples looking to isolate motion disturbance for a more peaceful sleep environment and more ergonomic support with five zones providing more contact points, improving circulation.

The 2012 ObusForme collection also features high quality ergonomic toppers including, ISOGEL™ gel infused memory foam, 5 Zone Latex/Visco Ergo Layer™, micro pocket coils, and soy based Ecofoams.

Eco Paradise

Natura’s organic line is made with certified organic materials, which means it’s chemical and pesticide free. All queen size mattresses in this line are made with 8 lbs of 100% certified organic wool, which translates to saving two acres of land from pesticides and other agri-chemicals for at least four years.

The Eco Paradise contains an extravagant helping of certified Natura Grow Wool™ and Cashmere atop a certified organic latex and ash wood slat system pamper you in the unparalleled luxury you deserve.


Discover the natural solution to sleep with the new NaturaLatex 2012 Collection. Organic cotton, pure NaturaWool™ and NaturaLatex™ cradle your body to provide soothing pressure point relief and buoyant comfort. Support zones, dual comfort surfaces and a wide choice in mattress feel. Imagine revitalized mornings with a NaturaLatex™ mattress.

The Flourish Mattress coddles you with healthy, natural ingredients and cozy luxury. Halt the spread of nighttime allergens and keeps your bedding fresh with this hypoallergenic latex combination. A cozy NaturaWool™ lining wicks away moisture to keep bedding fresh, dry and temperature regulated while the oh, so soft to the touch organic cotton blend ticking gives it’s soothing caress.

Euro Latex

European styling with the NexGel advantage. The dynamic pairing of a plant-derived foam or memory foam core and intuitive OrthoGel technology instantly responds to heavier and lighter parts of the body. Alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation and maintain healthy spinal alignment.

The EuroLatex Mattress brings comfort and support home with the nourishing combination of patented OrthoGel technology and Talalay latex. Intuitive OrthoGel columns respond to sensitive pressure-points by cradling them to relieve joint and muscle pain. The 2” Talalay latex layer provides buoyant cushioning and halts the growth of allergens and dust-mites. With less restlessness, tossing and turning and late night discomfort, you’ll enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.

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