Saatva Launches The Solaire Adjustable Mattress

Saatva, an online luxury mattress company, recently announced the launch of its precision adjustable Solaire mattress. With this launch, Saatva is offering a full range of products typically available at retail stores: innerspring, memory foam, latex, and now precision air.

Solaire, with 50 incremental firmness settings on each side, features the same level of craftsmanship and quality that consumers have come to expect from the brand. With dual air chambers and more than 10 features, the Solaire offers comfort without compromise.

Performance details include: 

  • 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer with five-zone lumbar support
  • Contouring memory foam for pressure relief
  • Breathable organic cotton cover
  • Moisture barrier to protect precision components
  • Integrated, whisper-quiet inflation system
  • Dual remote controls with real-time firmness display in mmHg (millimeters of mercury), the most precise measure of pressure.

Solaire also delivers on Saatva’s brand promise of selling premium sleep products at accessible prices. The new mattress will retail for $2,645 (Queen), an all-inclusive price with Saatva’s signature white-glove delivery and 24/7 customer support.

"We are constantly growing the lineup of products at Saatva to exceed customers’ expectations for sleep products like mattresses, pillows and sheets,” said Ron Rudzin, CEO. “The Solaire is another example of a need we identified in the sleep marketplace that we are filling for consumers. Just like a good marriage requires flexibility, this mattress does the same, regardless of which side of the bed you choose. The Solaire is plush, yet still helps with alignment for reducing back pressure to maximize your night of sleep. In short, it’s the perfect sleep partner.”

Knowing how appealing this new mattress would be to couples, Saatva recently surveyed 1,500 consumers in live-in relationships about their sleep styles. Here are some highlights from the findings:

  • One in three people has argued with their partner over the comfort level of their mattress.
  • One in five people has considered putting two twin mattresses together on one frame, so they and their partner can choose their own firmness or softness.
  • Snoring takes the prize for most irritating habit of a bed partner. A slight elevation of the head and torso, possible with Solaire’s Upper Flex design, can help alleviate this problem.
  • One in ten married people often sleeps apart from their spouse when they’re both home because of different sleeping habits.


About Saatva: Saatva is the largest online retailer of luxury mattresses and bedding in the United States. The company is devoted to building customer relationships based on providing the most transparent, efficient and courteous buying experience over a lifetime of mattress purchases. Saatva designs and delivers three mattress styles, the Saatva Classic Innerspring, Loom & Lead memory foam,  and Zenhaven all-natural latex, along with its exclusive Lineal Adjustable Base and Saatva Dreams organic bedding, through 19 factories and 146 delivery partners. Unlike most other online mattress sites, Saatva delivers and sets up all its ultra-luxury products in the customer's home, creating a hassle-free buying experience. By cutting out the middleman and retail store markups in the traditional supply chain, the company is able to provide a luxury product at a dramatically lower price.