Reverie Unveils Dream Top Split-King Adjustable Mattress for Additional Flexibility

Reverie is taking the king mattress to new flexible heights with its Dream Top Mattress. Within the adjustable power base segment, retailers and vendors have recently noticed an uptick in the demand for king-sized adjustable beds. Reverie’s latest introduction aims to fill the pipeline with a much-needed mattress construction that affords consumers the opportunity to take full advantage of their power bases.

Constructed with the company’s patented DreamCell technology, the Dream Top Mattress is divided in the center, 32 inches from the top, as opposed to all the way from head to foot. This split-top design gives adjustable base consumers needed flexibility, allowing sleepers to elevate each side of the bed independently, without the need for two separate mattresses.

“Consumers want the separate head and foot adjustability of a split-king adjustable bed, but some prefer not to have two separate mattresses,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, President and CEO of Reverie. “Our DreamCell foam springs allow the mattress to flex better than any other version in the marketplace. No one else has brought anything like this to market. Our in-house technology and R&D teams are continually creating new features to benefit our retail partners and consumers.”