Reverie CEO Emphasizes Customization in Fox News Interview

In an interview on Fox News, Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan told anchor, Lauren Simonetti that customization and personalization are the keys to a good night’s sleep, driving the company’s message that each individual’s sleep system should be as unique as they are. He dispelled the myth that either a firm or plush mattress is recommended by the sleep products industry or viewed as better for ones sleep.

“Quite frankly, my view is that it really is up to the individual to decide for themselves. That’s why we’ve been all about customization and customized sleep. Everybody sleeps differently, so the idea of a one-size-fits-all bed doesn’t really make sense. The message we’re sending to people is, hey, your body is unique, what you sleep on should fit who you are as an individual, and we’re making that.”

Rawls-Meehan and Reverie were selected for the show that aired June 26th because of their innovation and technology. During the 10 minute live appearance on FOX’s “Small Business Center,” Rawls-Meehan explained how Reverie’s Dream Sleep System allows consumers to customize their bed’s comfort feel based on individual preferences and testing that takes body height, weight and other measurements into consideration. He highlighted how adjustable bases add another layer to personalized sleep, pointing out that not everyone wants to sleep flat and special features such as full body massages can help people achieve the “deep, natural sleep you need to recover on a daily basis.”

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, Rawls-Meehan told Simonetti consumers could ditch the caffeine and instead invest in a better sleep system for better health. “It’s going to get your spine in the right position when you sleep. It’s going to allow you to really relax and get the deep rejuvenating sleep you need,” he added.

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About Reverie: Reverie is a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows to the trade and direct to consumers. The company’s sales and marketing headquarters is located in Michigan while its production, distribution and customer service facilities are based in New York. Reverie manufactures select products in the U.S. and continues to be a cutting-edge innovator in the sleep products industry.