Restonic Updates Luxurious ComfortCare Mattress Collection

Restonic ComfortCare SelectRestonic celebrated its 75th anniversary last year and continues to innovate the home sleep environment by marrying old world craftsmanship with emerging technologies. Building on the success of its popular ComfortCare collection, Restonic is introducing the new ComfortCare Limited and updated ComfortCare and ComfortCare Select lines at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market.

A distinctly unique comfort experience, the new ComfortCare Limited is the culmination of a year of planning with the Restonic Product Marketing Committee.

“We saw an opportunity to revolutionize the luxury mattress category by leveraging heritage of our multiple award-winning ComfortCare mattress collection,” says Ron Passaglia, President and CEO of Restonic Mattress Corporation. “The luxury mattress category demands a refined, upscale and aspirational experience from the moment the consumer first sees it on the retail floor to the moment they close your eyes at night—and I think we’ve done that with this collection.”

The ComfortCare Limited mattress story begins with its elegant damask ticking and old world style hand-tufting that anchors the ticking in place. Silk and wool woven together in the quilting layer reduce tossing and turning by maintaining a consistent temperature year round and wicking away moisture and improve circulation by buffering pressure points with uniquely soft cushioning.

In the upholstery layer, the latex has been infused with graphite as a neoteric solution to temperature regulation. Graphite is a powerful conductor of energy, efficiently normalizing temperature within the microclimate of the bed. Latex on its own is responsive, breathable, mold- and mildew-resistant and hypoallergenic—and paired with graphite, it’s a powerful contributor to a healthy night’s sleep.

With a decadent cushioning layer that features more than 1,300 micro coils, the ComfortCare Limited supports and minimizes motion transfer to maximize regenerative sleep. A Superedge Plus Foam Encasement Border and AirFlow Edge offers additional temperature regulation, while advanced Outlast Gold technology absorbs, stores and releases heat for superlative thermal comfort.

Restonic is also unveiling updated to the award-winning ComfortCare and ComfortCare Select mattresses at the Winter Las Vegas Market; both have earned the Women’s Choice and Consumer’s Best Buy Awards for multiple years—with a 96% satisfaction rating.

“Our ComfortCare and ComfortCare Select lines are well-loved, but we’re commit- ted to always delivering the best value for the best price—and that perspective allows us to see room for improvement in everything we do,” Passaglia continued. “This upgrade is a way to support the dreams of the people who take the time to sell our beds and our end consumers who sleep on them every night. We’re just living our brand promise.”

Refreshed ticking gives each line an airy, modern look that beckons. A comfort layer of gel-infused TempaGel by Restonic enhances the contouring support and helps regulate the microclimate of the bed.

The ComfortCare Collection offers head-to-toe helical coils to reduce motion transfer and the ComfortCare Select Collection features zoned and tempered individually wrapped coils that step up the individual support system for each sleeper in the bed. Restonic’s patented Marvelous Middle technology positions higher density wire in the center third of the mattress for support where it’s needed most, while the AirFlow Edge extends the sleepable surface of the mattress.

“We understand that as consumers research different technologies, choices and types of mattresses, their expectations evolve,” Passaglia explained. “Because of the multiple awards our ComfortCare line has won, we know that this direction will continue to support the dreams of our retail partners and consumers.”