Restonic Reveals ComfortCare Bed with the Marvelous Middle

Restonic is embracing its patent-rich history and introducing a new ComfortCare Collection with an enhanced Marvelous Middle. Restonic’s Marvelous Middle technology has set the brand apart for more than 40 years. Delivering more support in the center third of the mattress, the technology increases body support, mattress durability and resiliency.

The new ComfortCare features offer a supportive high-density layer quilted into the center third of the quilting. This added quilting produces a more supportive Marvelous Middle.

Combined with Restonic Dream Beam™ Technology, the updated ComfortCare mattresses are engineered to improve body alignment. By inserting the custom shaped, polyethelene beams through the center of the ComfortCare innerspring, sleepers will also feel added support to the Marvelous Middle.

The company's top-end models feature coil-on-coil construction, latex, and the company’s TempaGel, gel-infused memory foam.

Restonic president, Ron Passaglia, believes the introduction begins the next chapter of company innovation. “Our dealers and customers have come to depend on Restonic to deliver high quality, supportive and comfortable sleep sets at a good value in the marketplace. The enhanced Marvelous Middle will exceed expectations, and fulfill the Restonic tag line: Supporting Dreams.”

The company plans to support the launch using social media, introducing consumers to the new ComfortCare Collection, through an online contest inviting them to send in stories about the “Marvelous Moment” in their lives.

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