ReST To Launch Smart Bed Solution In Europe, Russia And Asia

ReST is expanding its presence throughout the world thanks to a new strategic partnership with Hilding Anders. As part of this collaboration, the KKR portfolio company has licensed ReST’s smart bed technology to be used in manufacturing and distribution across the group’s markets in Europe, Russia and Asia. The company will introduce the smart bed under its respective market-leading local brands.

“ReST is excited to partner with Hilding Anders to provide the most advanced smart bed technology to customers in major markets around the world,” said Rob Golden, founder and CEO of ReST. “The need to advance sleep quality has never been greater and a smart bed that senses the sleeper and adjusts in real time is the best solution. ReST looks forward to creating the leading smart bed in the world with Hilding Anders.”

The ReST smart bed solution is patented and proprietary technology that won the renowned CES innovation award in 2015. The technology features an innovative smart fabric that consists of a market-leading sensor layer that measures pressure distribution on each side of the mattress. The smart sensor detects the individual’s pressure points and, by controlling multiple air zones of the mattress through an air pump, responds according to their needs to provide consumers with a truly personalized comfort experience. The ReST smart bed uses sophisticated application and software that allows the sleeper to manually or automatically adjust the firmness level of their mattress in different body zones.

“This partnership with ReST clearly strengthens our positioning as a driver of innovation in the market,” said Pepyn Dinandt, chairman and group CEO of Hilding Anders. “With our smart bed product we will offer consumers an unprecedented level of sleep comfort through a truly individualized bed—a ‘My Bed’, so to speak.”

Hilding Anders presented the first demo version of the product this June at the Bico relaunch fair in Switzerland. Along with the license agreement, Hilding Anders also gained a 25% stake in ReST, giving the company its first footprint in the US mattress and bedding market.

“As one of the fastest growing smart bed companies in the world,” Golen continued, “ReST will use the capital and expertise provided by Hilding Anders to accelerate our distribution of the ReST smart bed around the globe.”