ReST Smart Bed Partners With BedJet

 ReST recently partnered with BedJet to offer customers the opportunity to add rapid heating, cooling, and climate control to the ReST Bed’s existing smart bed capabilities.

The ReST Bed senses a sleeper's position and makes automatic real-time adjustments. This technology, combined with five customizable zones makes the ReST Bed a highly customizable bed.

“One of the most frequent questions potential customers ask us is if the ReST Bed has temperature regulation. Since ReST’s mission is to provide the ultimate sleeping experience, it was natural for us to partner with BedJet, the market leaders in intelligent powered sleep temperature regulation,” says Kyle Taylor, ReST’s marketing manager. “Together, we can achieve our goal of creating the ultimate smart sleep experience.”

“Our team is very impressed with the innovative technology developed at ReST. By combining our market leading climate comfort bed technology technology with the ReST Bed’s™ sense-and-respond capabilities, we are one step closer to achieving our shared mission of a totally customized sleep environment," added Mark Aramli, BedJet’s CEO and founder.

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About ReST: ReST’s mission is to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. ReST is the only company with an integrated technology solution that not only monitors movement in real-time but automatically responds to those unique and personal changes. Our main product is the ReST Bed: the only truly smart bed. The ReST Bed incorporates our patented smart fabric, which senses changes in pressure and interacts with the mattress in order to automatically respond to the sleeper’s comfort and support needs throughout the night. Above all, ReST Beds™ help sleep better so that they can live healthier and more productive lives.

About BedJet: BedJet is a sleep technology start-up that is re-inventing the sleep experience with advanced technology and proven medical sleep science. BedJet’s groundbreaking cooling, heating and climate comfort system for beds is currently the only product in the category that has been clinically proven to improve sleep and increase daytime energy. Based in Newport, R.I., the company was founded in 2013 by inventor and former NASA space suit engineer Mark Aramli.