Pure LatexBLISS Offers Latex Mattresses at Value Price Points

Pure LatexBLISS InteLa-TecOn display at the Summer Las Vegas Market, Pure LatexBLISS’ new all-latex InteLa-Tec collection has been designed to offer consumers the feel and muscle-relaxing benefits of Talalay all-latex mattresses at lower price points.

With the same uplifting feeling for which Pure LatexBLISS products are known, the three mattresses in the Oeko-Tex Certified InteLa-Tec collection feature synthetic Talalay Latex pressure relief layers, synthetic Talalay Latex support cores and are available in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch profiles. The InteLa-Tec collection is priced below the company’s core Pure LatexBLISS line.

“Our goal with the InteLa-Tec collection was to round out the latex category and provide a range of pricing options for consumers. We recognized that consumers interested in latex mattresses come from different points of entry—some buyers are natural-oriented, whereas others have different lifestyle and environmental concerns. The InteLa-Tec collection appeals to the consumer who cares about living a green lifestyle, but puts less weight on it than those who would turn to some of our higher-priced collections,” said Latex International President and Chief Executive Officer David Fisher. “We believe that our industry-first combination of the Talalay Process with a synthesized formulation of latex and lower price point is a true differentiator for retailers.”

Pure LatexBLISS is sourcing the components in the InteLa-Tec collection from the same materials found in 100% latex medical gloves. All three SKUs are designed with a special all-synthetic Talalay Latex which is repurposed from high-grade virgin synthetic latex. An industry first, the process is as innovative as it is environmentally friendly, keeping the unused latex out of landfills.

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