Pure LatexBLISS Expands Luxury “Prestige” Collection

Pure Latex BLISS Expanding on the growing success of its Prestige Collection, Pure LatexBLISS will introduce an expanded collection at the fall High Point Market. The new Tuileries will be the most luxurious product in the collection and will feature a quilted Talalay Latex top, graphite infused Talalay Latex mattress and an all-graphite infused Talalay Latex foundation. The Tuileries is designed to give the consumer the feeling of floating over the most romantic city in the world, but with all the traditional support necessary for a good night’s sleep.

The Tuileries was developed to provide the ultimate sleep experience by incorporating the benefits of graphite infused latex both inside the mattress and in the foundation. Like the others in the collection—the Etoile-Lux, Etoile Pelushe, Saint Honore- Lux, and Saint Honore-Pelushe Supplementaire—the 13-inch Tuileries features a graphite-infused latex core and a quilted top with a three-quarter inch layer of Talalay Latex for a decadent feel. Now for the first time, the company is utilizing a new nine inch all-latex foundation which features four inches of the company’s graphite infused Talalay Latex. The suggested retail price is $12,000.

“From the bottom up, the Tuileries is one-of-a-kind and features more latex than any of our other Pure LatexBLISS models, making it the most lavish—and expensive—bed we have ever introduced,” said Pure LatexBLISS President Kurt Ling. “The response to the Prestige Collection in Las Vegas was overwhelmingly positive. The look and the feel is super-luxurious and is completely different from our other offerings.”

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