PranaSleep’s New All Latex Collection

PranaSleep CollectionThe latest introduction from PranaSleep is the Fourth Generation Prana Collection, a luxury latex line designed to properly position the spine for restorative sleep. Made in the U.S. at the company’s state-of the-art manufacturing facility, each mattress in the eight-bed collection features a core that is constructed with a proprietary blend of latex to ensure the durability, support and comfort consumers look for in an all-latex mattress.

Proper positioning of the spine is critical to a perfect night’s sleep and the Prana Collection is hand crafted using the highest quality and most technologically advanced materials. The line’s trademarked UltraQuilt enhances air flow and creates a cool, cushioning comfort through its use of high-density quilted foams and Outlast technology, which is applied directly to a luxurious stretch-knit fabric. Like the collection’s name—“prana” is the Sanskrit word for “energy”—each model has a Sanskrit name to evoke the feeling of calm and well-being associated with yoga.

“As consumer demand for latex sleep products continues to grow, retailers are looking to add more latex SKUs to their showroom floors. The Fourth Generation Prana Collection is the most advanced latex sleep system available on the market today,” said PranaSleep CEO Stephen Schiller. “With a focus on construction and feel, all PranaSleep mattresses feature our proprietary blend of pressure relieving latex and are engineered for the ultimate comfort, feel, and support.”

The 15-inch Wahe (meaning “state of ecstasy”) mattress is available in Luxury Plush and Luxury Firm. Designed for back or side sleepers and stomach, back, or side sleepers respectively, each features a thick supportive core and extra plush or firm Talalay latex to provide deep restorative support and comfort. With its added layers of soft cushioning latex, the 14- inch Samadhi (meaning “state of joy and peace absolute bliss”) Luxury Plush was designed to accommodate the back or side sleeper, providing extra pressure relief and comfort. The 13-inch Nidra Extra Firm (meaning “state of deep relaxation and peaceful rest”) provides a firm and supportive sleep surface that conforms to the body without feeling hard and is an excellent choice stomach and back sleepers. Rounding out the collection are four Vinyasa (meaning “the marriage of breath and movement”) models—the 11-inch Vinyasa Firm, 12-inch Vinyasa Plush, and 13-inch Super Vinyasa Super Plush and Super Vinyasa Luxury Firm. Each features PranaSleep’s solid latex core and additional comfort layers to hug the body’s curves while supporting the spine properly.

“Our company is dedicated to restoring life’s energy through sleep. Every mattress in the Fourth Generation Prana Collection is hand assembled and meticulously designed for the highest attainment of pressure relieving support and comfort.” added Schiller.

The Fourth Generation Prana Collection ranges in price from $3,599 to $7,299 in queen.