PranaSleep Introduces New Jazz Collection

PranaSleep Luxury Mattress is unveiling its new Jazz Collection mattress at the summer Las Vegas Market. 

Sure to be a show-stopper on the retail floor, the new mattress features an exterior dressed with a deep red cover. But rather than focus merely on cosmetics, PranaSleep has taken a more enlightened, holistic approach with the collection. Created by Stephen Schiller of the pioneering mattress retail family, City Mattress, PranaSleep Jazz Collection mattresses are engineered to “float the body,” designed to present a better path towards sleep through state-of-the-art systems and and an all-natural Talalay formula.

Not only is the PranaSleep Jazz Collection unique for its latex blend materials, it also features Outlast Smart Fabric to act a natural thermostat. The fabric seamlessly absorbs excess body heat and releases it back as needed. Outlast Smart Fabric technology helps to facilitate the body’s cooling process, enabling deep and REM sleep. PranaSleep’s unique process of wrapping the core and comfort layers with a durable non-woven fabric helps to gird and stabilize the mattress, eliminating the need for a foam encasement. This Perimeter Wrap gives the mattress supreme internal stability, edge-to-edge consistency and an effectively firmer sleep surface.

In its holistic approach, the name PranaSleep derives from the Sanskrit word “Prana” which is best known in yoga all around the world as “vital life force.” The PranaSleep Jazz Collection is designed to keep the spine in its natural position to “allow the free flow of Prana,” the life energy that flows through the spine, delivering a deep, restorative night’s sleep.