Posh+Lavish Introduces Split Head Queen, King And Cal King Mattresses

Posh+Lavish has begun making Split Head Queen, King and Cal King mattresses and toppers in its all-latex, AuNaturale and Latex+Memory Foam collections.

“Our goal is to provide unique product offerings to retailers that set them apart in their marketplaces and to give luxury consumers what they are looking for and willing to pay a premium for” said Kurt Ling, Principal.

As Posh+Lavish did its research, the brand realized the awareness for Split Head or Flex Head mattresses is already high, especially among luxury consumers. Not only did consumers know about the configuration and favored it, but were willing to pay extra for it.

Due to the popularity of adjustable bases in the last decade, two TXL’s placed side by side or two Split Cal Kings mattress and foundations have been very popular. Although, when Posh+Lavish conducted interviews, the idea of two sleeping partners being in one bed rather than two beds was overwhelmingly preferred. The company found that consumers wanted all the advantages and benefits of dual adjustability but found people who sleep together wanted the intimacy of a common sleep surface of “one bed rather than two.”

“Flex Head beds have added a new level of luxury in our stores. Consumers love the independence of raising their head without bothering their partner yet still have the closeness and comfort of ‘no seam’ in over two thirds of the mattress. It has been a huge home run for us,” said Kevin Fear of Mattress Xpress who was one of the first Posh+Lavish customers to showcase the Split Head design.

“When we realized how big the Split Head opportunity was for luxury consumers, we made a commitment to be ‘all in’ to the new size. It is a win for the sleeping consumer because it is simply a more preferred design, a win for the retail sales associate because they have the ability to show the shopping consumer something that they don’t see everywhere in their market and a win for the retailer because consumers will step up to buy it. It represents true value,” said Ling, “the best part about split head mattresses is that all a retailer has to do is floor them—they sell themselves. Every consumer can figure out what the benefit is.”

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About Posh+Lavish: Posh+Lavish designs mattresses from the finest, most luxurious mattresses available. Every Posh+Lavish mattress is built by hand in California by teams of skilled craftsman. 25% of Posh+Lavish profits are donated to CURE International. CURE is a network of charitable hospitals and programs that provide healing to children such as hydrocephalus, clubfoot, bowed legs and cleft pallets.