Pleasant Mattress Offers Educational Opportunities To Its Master Crafters

Since acquiring the McRoskey brand in 2018, Pleasant Mattress embarked on a comprehensive training program for a select group of its master-crafters that has included personal skills training, exposure to new equipment in a specially designed production facility, and now a field-trip to a Silicon Valley retailer to see how luxury mattresses are sold.

Pleasant’s select team of manufacturing masters traveled to San Jose, California, to spend time examining the various brands to compare the comfort and craftsmanship with McRoskey.

Many of our masters have never had an opportunity to experience luxury mattress retail and see how other products in the category are made, the standards those brands have and more importantly, to see how our products stack up against the competition,” said Rion Morgenstern, president and chief executive officer of Pleasant Mattress. “We wanted to give them some context to what they do every day in our Mattress Works. Our team pays attention to every detail that goes into building our McRoskey mattresses, and through this experience, they gleaned additional knowledge that will help us improve and grow. Our road trip closed the loop for them and provided them with insight into our target consumer, as well as brands that we compete against daily.”

Hand-tailored in the McRoskey Mattress Works, a stand-alone facility on the Pleasant Mattress campus, McRoskey mattresses are built differently than Pleasant’s traditional mattress, and require precise layering of natural comfort materials. Prior to the hand-tufting, mattresses could be as thick as 20 inches and require special skills to ensure the mattresses are finished correctly to deliver the proper firmness.

Morgenstern said after spending time in the retail store, the 15-member team discussed its impressions and findings.

“Once the team took time to digest the competition, I was greatly pleased to see them point out flaws – missed stitches, crooked edges – that our team would have pulled off the production line,” Morgenstern said. “The trip helped boost their pride in ownership in how they approach their jobs, as well as show areas in which we can improve.”


About Pleasant Mattress: Pleasant Mattress is an independent, family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer serving the Western United States. The company employs 175 people and has been making mattresses since 1959. The company is a licensee and manufacturer of the Spring Air and Eclipse International brands and manufactures the McRoskey brand. The company produces traditional mattresses and specialty sleep products at its 150,000-square-foot campus in Fresno, California.