PatienTech Rolls out ReST “Smart Beds”

PatienTECH Modern bedAfter nearly two years of developing smart software and perfecting proprietary pressure-sensing technology, comfort-focused mattress components and a patented, flexible mode of operating choices, PatienTech will be rolling out the company’s PREVAIL Responsive Sleep Technology (ReST) Smart Bed.

“Our PREVAIL responsive ‘proactive’ mattress is clearly distinct and separate from any other so-called intelligent mattress in the marketplace,” states Andrew Frank of PatienTech. “You do not need to be measured and fitted at the store. You are not limited with one mode or choice of operation. The PREVAIL bed works for any person, regardless of your level of technical sophistication, learning all about your body and your sleeping comfort needs. It allows you to achieve a previously unparalleled level of personalized sleep comfort. You get to choose which mode of operation works best for you. This is all about real time comfort matched perfectly to your body, and you can make it work the way you want it to work. Ultimately you are in control, and the bed intelligently responds to you.”

The PREVAIL Bed starts with a patented real time pressure measurement and proactive technology called Responsive Sleep Technology or ReST. The heart of ReST is the unique pressure-sensing surface, which in real time, proactively scans a pressure map of the sleeper’s body, and then instructs the smart bed to adjust to the sleeper’s pressure and comfort needs throughout the entire night. According to Frank, the PREVAIL starts with a “smart fabric construction.” The sensor material is made out of a soft, elastic (stretchable and breathable) material. This patented fabric pressure-sensing layer is extremely durable and has been tested to over 100,000 cycles in automated tests.

The PREVAIL mattress features four adjustable zones including head and shoulders, the chest and back, the posterior and the legs and feet. Each of these zones can be independently controlled by the REsT system.

PatienTECH cutaway with gel foamThe ReST sensor system monitors the body’s pressure points, movements and physical position and then adapts the surface to meet the sleeper’s changing needs and comfort requirements throughout the night. This is a dynamic process adjusts depending upon the settings and mode of operation chosen by the sleeper.

They can choose a simple Manual Control System, which allows the user to set the firmness of each zone. Similar to the conventional airbeds, the firmness will remain until the user actively changes the preference setting. This can be achieved using a wireless device such as a PC, a Tablet or SmartPhone. The sleeper can also choose a Semi-Automatic Mode of operation offers preferred firmness settings for each of four sleep positions (back, left side, right side and stomach). The PREVAIL smart bed then automatically detects the body’s position and adjusts to the desired setting. The bed will proactively change its surface configuration, zone by zone, to assure maximum comfort. Finally there is the Fully Automatic Mode, which is the ultimate in proactive, responsive sleep technology. The PREVAIL bed automatically responds to the sleeper’s real-time pressure and position, and it adjusts according to the user’s preferences to maximize the sleeper’s comfort and minimize pressure hotspots.

The sleeper can also adjust the zoned firmness levels with a wireless device, along with the speed of adjustment, any delays in first adjustment after going to bed, time delays between adjustments and also zoned sleep position preferences. “No other mattress manufacturer offers this level proprietary and patented real time comfort and pressure adjustment,” says Frank. “The future is here!”