PatienTech Introduces the Advanced BodiTrak SMART BED Using Smart Technology

PatienTech will be introducing the latest advance in SMART BEDs, truly “the next big thing in sleep” at the Specialty Sleep Association at the Las Vegas World Market Center.

“This advanced SMART BED concept completely changes the entire way we sleep,” says  Andrew J. Frank, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for PatienTech. “This new concept brings mattresses into the “Smart” era of the 21st Century with easy to control iPhone®, Android®, iPad®, or iPod® or other smart devices.

For many years now mattress manufacturers have been trying to create the next new thing in comfort, support and performance in mattress and bedding solutions. However, many of these improvements focused on materials and passive systems that did not offer a real time response to meet the needs of the sleeper’s body. 

 “We started at a different point. While the sensor and smart technologies and the various innovative materials are an important part of any modern sleep solution,” says Frank, “we used our many years of patient-centered medical bed technology to focus on the real comfort, support and health restoration needs of the consumer. The answer does not lie with a static, non-interactive mattress solution, no matter how plush or how fancy or how expensive. These beds still are what they are, static, limited in response capability and essentially embracing an old, fixed technology. No matter how creative the design and materials, beds really cause the consumer to adjust to the ‘right’ bed. The bed is fixed. It is what it is.”

“We have a major departure here,” says Frank.  “Our beds match the sleeper, not the sleeper to the right bed. Our beds are truly advanced SMART BEDS that use a programmed real time operation to sense and track the sleeper’s body all night and self-adjust to meet the pressure relieving needs of the sleeper. The result is our beds proactively meet the comfort, support and performance needs of today’s busy consumer.

Discussing the actual operation of the BodiTrak SMART BED, Frank states that, “Our beds actually detect the sleeper’s comfort level (pressure points), position of sleep, breathing patterns and even snoring. Our real-time, live, unique surface control system then automatically and quietly adjusts the bed all night long matching the bed surface to the sleeper’s position. This maximizes comfort and support assuring restful and healthy sleep.” Frank continues, “Additionally our beds help relieve snoring by detecting harmful breathing patterns. The SMART BED proactively stimulates the sleeper to move into positions that promote better breathing.”

“The really great thing is that these beds are easy to program using the latest smart device technology that is growing in popularity with discerning consumers. They are simple to program, pumps are quiet and the system monitors and reports on the quality of a consumer’s night’s sleep. Our customer can actually learn about how they sleep, what changes they need to make and program the bed using their iPhone, iPad, Android or other modern smart device. These beds can actually help our customers develop better sleep habits using their computer or their smart phone,” says Frank.

Frank says that PatienTech will be looking for key retail partners at the Las Vegas show who want to take the leap and carry ‘the next big thing in sleep.’ “We are looking for selective retailers who will reach out and sell the comfort, support and wellness aspects of the SMART BED. We are looking for strategic retail partners who will understand this huge change in mattress /bedding technology. We want retailers who will put something new and really beneficial on their floor. We are looking for retailers with a deep commitment to the sleep health and well-being of their customers, and who will offer the new innovation and SMART BED to those who will really benefit from this next generation in sleep technology,” emphasized Frank.

The company will display a new, advanced queen-size at the Las Vegas market. It will feature the newest advances including:

Wireless access to control bed preference settings (the consumer will be able to connect with an iPad, Android, or other smart devices via a wireless connection). The bed will also feature new and improved software to actually manage the sleep surface and monitor the consumer’s sleep patterns. The chambers will be foam-filled air chambers for a continuous smooth interface with the sleeper. This new foam filled chamber concept will also mean that the chamber can never go flat regardless of the level of the air in the chamber, and the design will feature mix and match firm and soft air chamber sections that self-adjust using a smaller and quieter pump mechanism.

“These beds are consumer-needs focused, contemporary in concept, easy to use, easy to understand and truly beneficial,” says Frank. “After all, we have smart cars, smart kitchens, smart entertainment centers; why not have a SMART BED that really offers superior comfort, support and performance for the consumer. These truly are beds that match you and your needs not the other way around.”

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About PatientTech: Based in Winnepeg, Canada, PatienTech is a company that develops pressure sensing systems used to innovate the mattress industry.