Palmpring To Introduce New Organic Latex Pillow In Las Vegas

PalmpringPalmpring will introduce Soap, a new hypo-allergenic pillow made of 100% organic latex, which offers spring-like support and resilience for the head, along with plus comfort and cool ventilation to keep the pillow cool and dry even in very humid environments. Palmpring will be located inside the Specialty Sleep Association’s showroom at the 2014 Winter Las Vegas Market.

“People are surprised by the amount of spring and resilience inside of natural latex, which doesn’t allow the head to sink deeply into the pillow unlike cotton, polyester or wool fills,” states Camilla Kim, CEO of Palmpring USA, which manufactures its 100% organic coconut fiber and natural latex mattresses in Los Angeles. Kim’s father founded the original Palmpring mattress company in Korea in 1997, where its superior bedding products are being used by CEOs of major companies, celebrities, athletes and educated consumers desiring a more elevated form of sleep. In addition to debuting Soap, Palmpring will display its bestselling Puri and Colva mattress sets, and the Contour pillow also made of 100% organic latex.

Palmpring’s pillows are an all-natural, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional cotton, wool or polyester fill pillows. They are designed to offer proper head and neck support, especially with the Contour model, whose form cradles the head and neck. In addition, the pillows are ventilated with tiny holes spaced evenly throughout that allow for air circulation. The Soa and Contour pillows are available in standard and queen (retail $100-120).

Palmpring derives its 100% natural latex from organic rubber trees in India, where the natural rubber is extracted over a period of months and then the rubber is transformed into high-density foam using natural resin without the use of chemicals. “The advantage here is that there is no off-gassing from natural latex foam so no chemicals are being released into the air or touching the body,” Kim adds.

Testing of the natural latex has demonstrated that water drips straight through these natural layers and is not retained by the latex. The accumulation of sweat leads to the growth of dust mites, which may consequently lead to various allergies and other respiration problems. Similarly, natural latex does not retain heat. “The lack of heat and water retention helps the latex remain resistant to germs, mold and bacteria growth. As a result, the all-natural latex pillow lasts twice as long as other pillows.”

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