Palmpring’s Wave Adjustable Bed Allows Consumers to Breathe Easy With Certified Organic Components

With adjustable-friendly functionality and quality, organic materials, Palmpring’s new Wave Adjustable Bed is perfect for consumers looking for a flexible mattress. Made from certified organic components, including natural latex and coconut fiber, the new system also combines a motorized platform with an integrated foundation to allow for head or foot elevation operated via a handheld control.

“Palmpring received many requests for an adjustable bed system, and we are proud to announce that [the] Wave Adjustable Bed is finally ready,” stated Camilla Kim, CEO of Palmpring USA, which manufactures its 100%-organic coconut fiber and natural latex mattresses in Los Angeles. Kim’s father, Dae-seob Kim, founded the original Palmpring mattress company in Korea in 1996, where its superior bedding products are still being used by CEOs of major companies, celebrities, athletes, and educated consumers desiring higher-quality natural sleep products.

Boasting a number of eco-friendly certifications including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), Palmpring’s dedication to healthy sleep continues with the design of the Wave system. Palmpring derives its 100% natural latex from organic rubber trees in India, where the natural rubber is extracted over a period of months and then transformed into high-density foam using natural resin without the use of chemicals.

“The advantage here is that there is no off-gassing from natural latex foam so no chemicals are being released into the air or touching the body,” Kim added.

Tests of the latex and coconut fiber have demonstrated that water drips straight through these natural materials and is not retained. In many mattresses, the accumulation of sweat leads to the growth of dust mites, which may consequently lead to various allergies and other respiratory problems. “The lack of heat and water retention,” Kim explained, “helps the latex remain resistant to germs, mold and bacteria growth.”

Offering medium firmness, the Wave mattress features two inches ribbed coir (coconut fiber) sandwiched in between a pair of two-inch layers of organic latex. While the outer layers of latex offer plushness and soft comfort, the strong supporting layer of coir provides resilience and absorbs shocks.

“A lot of time was spent developing the breakthrough rubberized ribbed coir, which can bend and flex as desired,” Kim continues.

For those who prefer a softer sleeping experience, Palmpring offers a plush comfort mattress that adds two more inches of latex on top, for a cloud-like feel. The mattress rests upon an adjustable platform and consumers can adjust the elevation of their feet and head via a handheld control. Customers also have the option to purchase the Wave mattress only, using their own motorized platform.

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