OMI’s New Naturals by OMI Collection Offers More Options

OMI NaturalsAiming to meet the needs of consumers looking for natural products that help them to reduce chemicals in their home, Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) is introducing a new collection of natural beds, Naturals by OMI, at this Winter Las Vegas Market. Using consumer insights garnered from a variety of research studies, the company designed the nine-SKU line to meet the needs of this fastest-growing segment of the healthy-lifestyle market.

“Naturals by OMI is a direct-response solution to the research found in a segmentation study, indentifying buyer segment size and purchasing characteristics,” explains OMI Chief Executive Officer Kurt Ling. “With this study, we have found great research to support what OMI stands by and implements through our OrganicPedic and Naturals collections. As the number of customers looking for and buying natural and organic products in North America continues to rapidly grow, it is a real opportunity for independent bedding retailers to set themselves apart from standardized, big-chain mattress retailers, take advantage of premium consumers who are accustomed to paying for healthier consumer products and provide selection for consumers who are looking to reduce chemicals in their lives.”

This new collection is comprised of nine mattresses: the Bellezza, Affinity, Splendore, and Radiance; Freze, Damaris and Mila pillow tops and the Arria and Tahlia quilted pillow tops. Each bed is constructed using the highest-quality components, including high-density, all-natural, non- blended, petroleum-free latex; an industry-first high-texture, high-gram-weight, three-layer, four-way stretch, knitted organic cotton cover and an innovative super-stretch silica FR barrier specifically designed for latex mattresses. The Arria and Tahlia feature organic wool in their quilting for natural temperature regulation. Hand- crafted in the United States using Oeko-Tex-certified latex and fabric, the Green- guard-certified Naturals by OMI collection is packaged in UPS-size cartons, making it easier for retailers to deliver and store in their warehouses than traditional bulky and heavy latex mattresses.

Retail pricing ranges from $2,500–$5,300 in queen and features a 20-year warranty. This new line-up is supported by new point- of-purchase as well as new messaging simplifying the selling of organic and natural mattresses into just two concepts: the air we breathe in all night long, and what our skin absorbs as we sleep. “With almost 37 per- cent of consumers buying natural or organic products across many different categories in their home,” says Ling, “we have created this collection to allow retailers to cater to individuals who prefer an inherently healthy and natural petrochemical-free product.”