OMI Introduces New High-End OrganicPedic Earth Collection

Organic Mattresses, Inc. is solidifying its position in the high-end luxury market with the introduction of the OrganicPedic Earth Collection at the Summer Las Vegas Market. The new line of natural beds will bring an American-made, high-end luxury feel to a marketplace currently occupied by much higher priced imported brands.

Made from certified organic cotton fabric, certified organic wool and 100% natural organic latex cores, the OrganicPedic Earth line brings a unique level of plushness that is unmatched in the organic category. Furthermore, the collection is petroleum-free, animal cruelty-free, renewable, biodegradable and manufactured without toxic chemicals in the only large-scale exclusively organic manufacturing facility in North America. Four models of this new line-up will be introduced at the Summer Las Vegas Market and will range from $3,580 to $5,600 at retail.

“Historically, we have built our products for and served consumers who have a natural disposition to organic, healthy lifestyles,” said OMI’s Chief Executive Officer Kurt Ling. “Natural and organics is the new ‘luxury’ and when we were designing the OrganicPedic Earth collection our goal was simple. We wanted to create something that appealed to the ultra-premium consumer by offering a luxurious look and feel when compared to other highend imported and domestic brands on the market today. This is the most exciting mattress we have introduced in 13 years.”

Company founder Walt Bader gives credit for this new line to the many retailers who contributed to the design decisions and encouraged OMI to move in this direction. Initial consumer testing has proven that OrganicPedic Earth has a completely distinct and luxurious comfort and that it has been exceptionally well received by OMIs current retail structure.

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