OMI Broadens Organic Offerings in Kids’ Mattresses

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) is increasing its market share in the certified organic juvenile mattress arena with its growing collection of mattresses geared toward safe, healthy sleep for infants and young children.

OMI, manufacturer of certified organic mattresses under the Organicpedic and Organicpedic Earth brands, provides parents with a range of certified organic sleep surfaces for their latest bundle of joy’s crib, bassinet and youth bed.

“Today’s parents are seeking out the best possible sleep environment for their children as a way to lay the foundation for a healthy start in life,” said Jeff Bader, CEO of OMI. “Our mattresses are a surefire way for babies to sleep safer.”

Increased demand for organic over conventional products has driven an increase in revenue for the company. More and more consumers are asking for certified organic youth bedding, and Bader attributes much of the uptick to the fact that Millennials are more aware of the benefits of organic.

“There’s an overall call for more organic products,” Bader said. “Eighty percent of households are buying something organic. We’re seeing the Millennials taking great care to ensure their children have a healthy sleep experience. Often, they put their child’s organic sleep ahead of their own. Sleeping organic is one of the easiest ways to give children a jumpstart in life.”

Babies and toddlers spend a large amount of time sleeping making mattress and bedding selection critical elements in outfitting a nursery or child’s room, and these days, more and more parents are searching for organic options for those rooms.

That search, unfortunately, can be tedious in today’s marketplace.

OMI has been outfitting cribs and bassinet mattresses for more than a decade, offering both innerspring and latex options. The latex mattress features a five-inch profile, while the innerspring model is six inches. Both retail at $799. In addition to the standard crib size mattresses, OMI produces an oval crib latex mattress for $499 and a bassinet latex mattress for $299.

As children grow, OMI offers a four-inch youth mattress available in twin and twin-XL, that comes with an optional topper. The low-profile mattress is crafted with certified-organic, firm Dunlop latex. Bader said the firm support is best for growing youngsters, and he recommends forgoing the topper until children get a bit older and asks for additional plushness. The standard twin retails at $995, while the twin-XL retails at $1,095. The standard twin topper is $895, and the twin-XL topper is $995.

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About OMI: OMI is a full-circle environmental company dedicated to supporting America’s organic and sustainable farmers. The company is the nation's number one manufacturer of organic mattresses under the Organicpedic brand. OMI was the first company to achieve USDA “Certified Organic” status for a complex textile (mattress). It was the first company to challenge the CPSC and proved that its products could pass flammability regulations without fire barriers or suppressants; the first to develop a method of sanitizing certified organic raw materials; and the first company to use certified organic 100 percent natural latex cores in its products. OMI’s handmade custom organic mattresses are manufactured in Northern California in the first and only large-scale Eco-Factory dedicated to the manufacturing of certified organic products. OMI mattresses qualify under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s LEEDs indoor air-quality program.