Newly Launched Posh+Lavish Offers Luxury, All-Latex Mattresses

Posh+Lavish is the newest luxury mattress brand that is sure to stand out on showroom floors. Founded by industry veterans Kurt Ling and Steve Baumberger, the new brand will be sold exclusively through independent retailers with brick and mortar stores—helping retailers differentiate themselves in an industry that is consolidating both at retail and at a manufacturer level.

“Our goal is to design and sell the most posh looking, most lavish feeling and most durable mattresses available,” said Kurt Ling, Principal. “Additionally, we want to serve retailers with the best customer care in the industry.”

The Posh+Lavish brand is comprised of six all-latex models that are designed to deliver a remarkable bounce-free feel with Talalay latex and continuous process latex. Surrounded on all four sides with an indulgent amount of pre-compressed, long fiber, medium course grade wool and knitted, all-natural cotton—the mattresses offers advanced comfort with no added toxic chemicals or any other types of chemicals. Each bed features extravagantly designed ticking made from a sumptuous Tencel-faced fabric that emulates the function of horsehair. In addition to being washable, these zippered covers offer advanced temperature regulation properties.

Built by hand in California, every Posh+Lavish mattress is pre- compressed to reduce body impressions in the home. They are also rolled to help retailers deliver the mattresses more easily, eliminate damage in transit, minimize freight costs, minimize warehouse space and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The company further supports its retail partners with four independent sales representatives in the United States and an online training program that rewards retail sales associates for learning about and selling their brand. Eschewing factory direct and online-only retail sales, Posh+Lavish offers independent retailers exclusive trading areas, an online MSRP price and MAP pricing policy. Ranging in retail price points from $2599 to 3999, the company ensures generous retailer margins.

With an ultra high-end website, active social media presence and a top tier in-store display package, Posh+Lavish’s marketing reflects its commitment to modern luxury. The company is passionately committed to not only building mattresses that are exceptional for consumers and mattress retailers, but for the good of the world. The company is donating 25% of their profits to Cure International which provides children around the world with life changing surgeries including club feet, bowed legs, cleft lip, and hydrocephalus.

“Like many ultra-premium brands, Posh+Lavish is a luxury brand that should be experienced,” Ling explained, “while the industry is certainly growing rapidly in the online space, we are building a brand for retailers to provide a non-commoditized, unique, high-value encounter and experience for consumers. It is becoming ever clearer to us that the future will contain ‘online- only’ brands,’“online and in-store’ brands and ‘in-store only’ brands. We want to put a stake in the ground for the independent retailer that wants to offer one or more ‘in-store only’ brands.”

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