New York-Based Company Optimizing High-Tech Smart Mattresses

According to research around World Sleep Day, up to 45 % of the world’s population experience sleep problems that threaten both their health and quality of life. An estimated $16 billion is spent every year on the medical costs of sleep deprivation and around 40 million people suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders. In order to solve this pervasive problem, New York City-based mattress company, Eight is developing advanced technology to help people sleep better.

Eight Warms The Bed For Improved Sleep

According to Anessa Das, the assistant director of the Ohio State Sleep Disorders Center, a room temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius is the optimal temperature to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest. However, the bed should be warmer to help individuals relax and sleep until eight. To address this need, Eight combined scientific research and advanced technology to find each user’s personal best sleep temperature. Micro-heating elements are embedded in each mattress and heat up with a tap on the Eight app. Allowing sleepers to choose a temperature level, the app automatically sets the warming to adjust to each individual's sleep schedule. The technology also uses a dual-zone design to ensure that each side of the bed can be adjusted to a different temperature for couples.

Personalized Sleep Reports Adjust To Individual Sleepers

Each Eight mattress comes with sensors and a mobile app that helps sleepers understand and improve their sleep habits. Using health technology, Eight’s smart mattresses record information such as body temperature, heart rate, sleep duration and other environmental elements that affect the sleep space. Then, every morning, sleepers wake up to a sleep report that outlines trends in sleep and how to improve their rest for the next day. The mattress even comes with a smart alarm that tracks users’ sleep cycles and wakes them up when they’re naturally the most alert. Taking body movement, breathing and heart rate into account, the technology can help individuals rise when  they'll feel the most refreshed. According to the CEO and founder of Eight, Matteo Franceschetti, “We believe our product’s ability to seamlessly and passively collect sleep data will revolutionize the way the average person and the medical field is able to understand sleep health.”

Scientific Validation of the Sensors

Eight has most recently taken it's smart mattress to the lab to validate the accuracy of it's high-tech sensors. The validation study, being conducted at the Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center, involves data collection from both the smart mattress and medical-grade sleep monitoring equipment. Data from both devices will be compared and used to train the machine learning algorithms that classify raw data from Eight's sensors. The entire process will be effectively benchmark and increase accuracy of Eight signature Smart Mattress.