New Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress Line is Selling Well and Winning Praise

2012 was a very successful year for Naturepedic, due in no small part to its launch of their Lullaby Earth™ crib mattresses. This line offers consumers the choice of an affordable alternative to Naturepdic's hallmark certified organic line of crib mattresses. The new line offers parents a hygienic, safe selection of mattresses for babies and toddlers at prices even those with modest incomes can afford.

“The fact that Lullaby Earth has become popular so quickly comes as no surprise,” says Barry Cik, Naturepedic’s cofounder. “Parents have been looking for baby beds that are both safe and economical for quite some time. We knew we could fill that gap.”

The mattresses are composed of food-grade polyethylene foam, rather than the polyurethane foam commonly used in baby and other mattresses, and do not contain vinyl, PFCs, pesticides, and other controversial chemicals found in many other mattresses. They’re also free of wool and latex, to which some infants may be allergic.

Lullaby Earth mattresses are covered with a seamless, stain- and moisture-resistant polyethylene cover that can be wiped clean. The cover also repels dust mites and bed bugs.

The mattresses’ portability is another distinct selling point. Although the mattresses are a full six inches thick, they only weigh seven pounds—far less than coil-based mattresses—making it easy to change sheets.

And, the line is priced to sell. The cost ranges from $169 to $199 for dual-stage, infant-to-toddler beds.

Lullaby Earth has already racked up an impressive number of accolades from environmental and consumer groups. It won the highest “Select” certification from the Greenguard Environmental Institute for indoor air quality, and the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable has saluted Naturepedic/Lullaby Earth for using safe chemicals in the mattresses’ design and manufacture. The line is also is recommended by Healthy Child and Healthy World, and Debra Lynn Dad, author of the book Toxic Free, praised it for being both toxin-free and affordable.

“We’re delighted over the many positive reviews Lullaby Earth has received,” Cik added. “And, sales have been so robust that we’re planning to add more staff and production space to meet the growing demand for these mattresses.”