Nest Bedding Unveils Renewable Mattresses

Nest Bedding, a family-owned and operated, factory direct mattress and bedding brand that offers organic, natural, and certified luxury products, recently announced the launch of its first renewable mattresses. Further emphasizing Nest Bedding's longstanding commitment to providing sustainable sleep solutions, the new offering will allow consumers to exchange the comfort layer on select mattresses from the brand's best-selling lineup, increasing longevity and eliminating the need to replace the entire product. In tandem with the program launch, Nest Bedding is also refreshing select mattresses with updated designs and names that relate closely to the company's overall mission and origin, while extending the trial period for consumers, from 100-nights to 365-nights.

Lifetime Renewal Exchange Program Is In Part Aimed At Diverting Mattress Waste From Landfills

Nest Bedding's innovative Lifetime Renewal Exchange program introduces products and policies specifically designed to increase the lifespan of the brand's offerings, with the overarching goals of reducing mattress waste in landfills and creating more eco-friendly options for consumers. With the new program and product updates, Nest Bedding's mattresses are engineered to last two to three times longer than typical mattresses, as customers will be given the opportunity to redeem a new, free feel layer within their 365-night trial, or any time after purchase. The new feel layer will breathe entirely new life into the mattress, extending its lifespan in the process and providing customers with a lifetime comfort guarantee.

Updated Names & Designs Tie Into The Brand's Environmentally Friendly Ethos

In addition to the renewal program, Nest Bedding is further revamping its existing mattresses, with updated designs and new monikers that link back to the brand name and origin. Underscoring Nest Bedding's dedication to nature and the environment, the new mattress names are inspired by birds, as they were when the brand first launched by CEO Joe Alexander in 2012, grounding the products to their natural roots and further distinguishing the exclusive lineup in the industry.

The names include:

  • Sparrow (formerly Alexander Signature Hybrid)
  • Owl (formerly Natural Hybrid Latex)
  • Finch (formerly All Latex, Natural)
  • Quail (formerly Love & Sleep)
  • Robin (formerly Flip Hybrid)
  • Puffin (formerly BKB Big Kid's Bed)
  • Lark (formerly BKB Natural)

Nest Bedding's products are available via the Nest Bedding website, on select online retailers including Amazon and, and at Nest Bedding showrooms throughout the country. Mattresses eligible for the newly launched renewal program include the Sparrow, Owl, and Finch.


About Nest Bedding:

Founded in 2012, Nest Bedding is a family owned and operated, factory direct, mattress and bedding company that helped pioneer the disruption of the mattress industry. The brand is one of the first omni-channel mattress disruptors, having successfully married the online business model with a network of showrooms throughout the country. Nest Bedding carries organic sheets, all-natural pillows and USA made mattresses while offering a 365-Night Sleep Trial, and an industry leading lifetime warranty.