Naturepedic Leads the Organic Mattress Industry

Due to consumer demand, retailers are carving out retail floor space to highlight more natural and environmentally friendly mattress options. Featuring brands that carry certifications and endorsements can differentiate a mattress, helping it stand out for both retailers and consumers. Organic certification is a powerful differentiating feature.

Nearly 10 years ago, while shopping for a crib mattress, Barry A. Cik, who later founded Naturepedic, decided he didn’t want to expose his first grandchild to the materials used in the mattresses he was finding. What started as a quest for a suitable mattress led the environmental engineer and certified hazardous materials specialist to develop a line of certified-organic mattresses specifically suited for babies and children. Naturepedic was born and launched a comprehensive line of mattresses for kids of all ages.

Now celebrating nearly a decade of success, and leveraging the company’s vast experience and expertise in the organic mattress and bedding marketplace, Naturepedic has reached another new milestone by introducing a new line of top-of-the-line luxury encased coil mattresses for adults.

Continuing the tradition of making better organic mattresses, Naturepedic brings to the adult luxury organic market the same high level of care, standards and expertise that has set its other products apart. According to Jeff Cik, president of Naturepedic, “most high-end organic mattresses are constructed entirely of natural latex, which limits the available choices and feels for organic consumers. And it’s important to note that few of these beds actually have organic certification.”

While Cik agrees that organic latex is an excellent material, he says, “It’s best for use in the cushioning layer. By introducing encased coils into the design, we offer vastly superior comfort and support…the combination is magical.”

Naturepedic’s new line is fully Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. Naturepedic believes that it is the only manufacturer with the equipment, technology and internal processes to provide a GOTS-certified organic encased coil innerspring mattress for adults. From day one, Naturepedic has embraced GOTS certification as the premier standard for their finished mattresses. In fact, Naturepedic mattresses are made in the United States in the GOTS certified Naturepedic facility.

The new Naturepedic line of luxury mattresses are engineered and designed to offer luxury levels of encased-coil comfort while embracing the same uncompromising health and chemical safety standards the company developed for babies and toddlers. “We are very proud of our new line-up. It offers consumers a more comfortable and enjoyable sleep while maintaining full organic certification,” Cik explained.

At the heart of Naturepedic’s new mattress design is a certified organic encased coil support system. Naturepedic creates and sews steel springs into 100% certified organic cotton fabric pockets, offers exceptional durability without the use of synthetic fabrics or glues. This unique encased coil system also provides contouring support and limits motion transfer.

With coil counts as high as 2,644, queen sets are expected to retail from $2,599 to $4,599. Options include mattresses made with certified organic cotton, latex and wool, as well as mattresses that are wool and latex-free. Offering wool- and/or latex- free mattresses is of particular value when selling to customers who are allergic to such materials.

“I believe we offer the only certified organic luxury encased coil design available today,” Barry Cik commented. “Retailers who are looking to offer their customers a certified organic mattress with superior comfort and support are going to love this mattress.”

As retailers continue to explore offering ‘greener’ options, understanding the natural and organic claims manufacturers are using becomes quite important, because these are claims consumers will ask about.

“We believe that our consumers’ trust is of paramount importance,” says Cik. “There are a growing number of adults who are concerned about their health and safety. Having a chemical-free sleep environment is increasingly at the top of their list.”

In addition to meeting GOTS criteria, the Naturepedic mattresses are certified to all three GREENGUARD chemical emission standards: “Indoor Air Quality Standard,” “Children & School Standard,” and the most stringent “Select Standard.” Naturepedic also has a policy of total transparency in disclosing the details about the materials it uses. The company affixes a consumer disclosure contents label on each of its organic mattresses in accordance with the Specialty Sleep Association Environmental and Safety Program. In fact, Naturepedic is the first and only Level III manufacturer under the SSA Truth in Marketing Program.

Naturepedic is leading the way, providing retailers a mattress option with luxurious comfort made using certified organic materials and construction.