Modway Furniture Rolls Out Affordable Hybrid-In-A-Box

The boxed-bed business is booming as consumers continue to seek mattress solutions that deliver the amenities without the hassle. By compressing the mattress and sealing it inside a vacuum-packed wrap, companies are able to decrease cost and simplify delivery. This process, though, has been limited primarily to foam-based mattresses. For the consumers who appreciate the stability of coils, there were few boxed solutions available at an affordable price point.

Seeing this potential, Modway has designed a mattress that contains the best of both worlds. The new Elysse hybrid mattress features responsive memory foam, to reduces stress on pressure points, and individually encased coils that offer enhanced edge support and overall firmness.

Made with three layers of foam, the Elysse has been tested to minimize motion disturbance between partners and comes with CertiPUR-US certified foam. The mattress also features a gel-infused surface for added thermoregulation and is outfitted with a machine-washable, diamond-quilted outer cover.

“We worked diligently over many months to redefine the boundaries of the box,” said Yonatan Gordon, Marketing Manager for Modway. “Elysse has everything you could ask for in a mattress, without the delivery hassle and expensive price tag.”

Selling for as low as $160 wholesale, Elysse takes up a fraction of the display space as traditional mattress brands, and packs a substantial amount of quality and comfort within the confines of a portable box.

Additionally, the company is unveiling a new shredded memory foam pillow at market. Frustrated by the high price of direct-to-consumer brands, the company set out to develop a quality foam pillow product that would help retailers boost their sales and grow their customer loyalty.

“Pillows are at the heart of a mattress or furniture store,” Gordon explained. “When a customer comes in looking to replace their mattress, according to a 2016 Better Sleep Council study, 81% of respondents that found comfort important listed back support as the most important. One works off the other: to sleep comfortably you need both proper spine alignment and proper neck alignment.”

The new pillows will sell for a fraction of the price of many direct-to-consumer brands and comes available in both standard and king sizes.

“There’s more to come,” Gordon said. “It’s going to be a fun 2017 focused on helping people sleep better.”