MLily Unveils Smart Bed That Provides Tangible Information For Improving Sleep Habits

MLily USA is making a move into the sleep diagnostics arena with the introduction of a smart mattress and pillow sleep system. The smart bed incorporates a diagnostic tool that helps monitor sleep patterns to provide consumers key information on time slept, restless periods and positioning. The bed will be introduced at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

Through connectivity with the custom-designed app, this new sleep system aims to arm consumers with real-time data on linked smart devices to help them transform their sleep experience. Deep inside each mattress are sensors that track a number of things, including heart rate, motion, breathing and sleep longevity. Users can then view a comprehensive report within the app, accessing critical information on factors that impact sleep. Over time, this data provides a collective picture and offers suggestions on how to improve sleep habits.

In addition to the sleep diagnostic system, the system includes a smart pillow designed to help eliminate some of the primary disruptors of sleep, including snoring and proper alignment. The pillow also features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to fall asleep to music.

“Sleep has become the new way to stay healthy, and our new mattress is designed to educate, encourage and support consumers in their quest to capitalize on the benefits of plentiful, restful sleep,” said Jason Berge, president of MLily USA. “We’re excited to build on the technological prowess of our engineers in our research and development facilities and factories to deliver this innovative sleep technology to the U.S. market.”