Meet The Brand Behind The Coddle Sleep Collection

Only six months after its debut, Coddle –a start-up unifying design, comfort and technology– has achieved an impressive 35% month over month revenue growth. The insight behind Coddle's responsive furniture and bedding has fueled its rapid growth.

Simultaneous with this milestone, the brand’s new website – – has launched a new consumer platform. Bringing the brand's mission of designing furniture that responds and reacts to consumers every movement to life, the new platform is designed to meet the growing demand for more innovative furniture and bedding solutions. Visitors to the new Coddle website will learn how the brand’s ever-expanding portfolio provides fresh, aesthetically appealing and comfortable solutions for every room of the house.

Coddle’s newly launched website retails their robust portfolio of offerings – including the Coddle Couch by Coddle, Coddle Chair and Ottoman by Coddle, as well as the recently released Coddle Sleep collection which includes a breakthrough Dual-Core / Double-sided Mattress, a 3” Couch Topper and the Coddle Pillow. For all products, Coddle’s engineering approach integrates insights from the world’s leading experts in design, ergonomics and human-factor research to ensure a unique human-first point of differentiation.

“Coddle is reflective of the consumer evolution to more responsible and sustainable living spaces that are contextually smaller, shared and more efficient. The lines between work and home are blurring, and consumers need more fluid space and smarter products than ever before,” stated Sean Pathiratne, CEO of Coddle. “With our new brand platform, Coddle is able to share its solutions to these real world challenges of smaller living by providing furniture and bedding that makes the most of time and space. Whether it be our Coddle Couch that features 4 built-in USB ports and ability to transform into more than 16 different configurations, or our Dual Core / Double-sided 11” Mattress that features 2-in-1 technology, we’re pioneering the future of furniture.”

On the heels of the new website launch, Coddle has debuted an affiliate and referral program to heighten exposure and partnership opportunities through a comprehensive e-commerce network.


About Coddle: Coddle is a start-up on a mission to create new standards in design and value for how we chill, cuddle, nap, sleep and dream big. In a world of couches, chairs and mattresses that are under-conceived and over-priced, we are the choice for all those who want to spend proportionately, while living disproportionately well.