McRoskey Sees Increase in Adjustable Bed Sales

Leading San Francisco mattress retailer, McRoskey Mattress Company is seeing growing popularity with adjustable bed sales among consumers of all ages. The company refers to the adjustable bed as a lifestyle bed – the articulating, moveable bed, allows a person and his/her bedmate to recline comfortably, together or solo, with the touch of a button.

Those of use in the industry know and understand an adjustable base is the ideal solution for comfort, whether playing with an iPad or tablet computer, working on a puzzle, reading a book or simply taking a quick snooze in an elevated position, the positioning adds to the comfort of a mattress.

According to Robin McRoskey Azevedo, president of McRoskey, “Our customers have the option to choose any of the three McRoskey Classic mattress comforts - extra firm, firm or gentle - on a McRoskey adjustable bed.” She adds, “Our adjustable beds come with a cordless remote control to lift or lower the head and foot of the bed independently and activate the optional dual massage. The wall-hugging feature always keeps you close to your bedside night stand.”

See McRoskey's adjustable base in action in the video below.

Available in California King, Eastern King, Queen, Queen with split base, Double, Twin Tall, and Twin sizes, McRoskey RSA’s are trained to highlight the health and wellness benefits when talking with consumers. These benefits include:• Improved Circulation. Reduces the amount of gravity and optimizes blood flow to reduce pain.• Less Tension on Muscles and Joints. Provides proper, customized support to the neck and head, lower back, legs, knees, feet and ankles.• Pressure Relief. Changing reclining or sleeping position helps reduce pressure on problem areas.• Reduced Snoring. Elevates head and neck to open air passages and reduce snoring.• Reduced Acid Reflux. Being more upright can help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux such as heartburn and stomach discomfort.While the mattress retailer isn’t offering its adjustable bed to other retailers, the success of their program is noteworthy.For more information on McRoskey’s adjustable program, visit McRoskey Mattress Company: Family owned and operated, the McRoskey Mattress Company has been handcrafting mattresses and box springs in San Francisco, California since 1899. McRoskey mattresses are available in standard and custom sizes. McRoskey has showrooms in Palo Alto and San Francisco.