Mattresses Driven By Science

Today, more than ever before, there is more research going into the field of “sleep science.” As scientists continue to study the importance of a good night’s rest, bedding manufacturers are looking to new ways to accommodate the body’s needs. With technology becoming more advanced, companies are tapping into the wealth of sleep science available to create high-tech sleep systems that adapt to individualized needs. We have highlighted some of the manufacturers that have embraced this scientific approach to create truly innovative sleep systems.

BioSmart Sciences

Biosmart mattress 03.22.13With ten years of sleep research and product development to back them up, BioSmart Sciences’ produces products that are clinically proven to improve sleep. BioSmart’s Bio mattress line consists of six styles made from science-based designs originating in the precepts of anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, osteopathy and pressure analysis. Each mattress is made with seven Turned Support Segments and uses several different types of foam to support a variety of weights. The patented hip alignment technology significantly improves spinal alignment. Clinical trials revealed improvements in vital Delta and REM sleep and reduces tossing and turning, as well as neck, shoulder, back and hip pain.

Chili Technology

chili technologyExpanding its product line-up, which features the popular ChiliPad mattress topper, Chili Technology introduced the new ChiliBed— a complete mattress featuring the company’s unique temperature regulation technology. These products work by heating and cooling water as it is pumped through a closed circuit system. The water adjusts within a temperature range of 46F to 118F to accommodate the sleeper’s own body temperature. The new ChiliBed incorporates this technology into the quilted layer of the mattress without altering the basic structure of the memory foam, allowing for optimal comfort.


SLEEP SMART Adjustable BaseDrawing on research conducted at the Sleep to Live Institute, Kingsdown created its new Sleep Smart Sleep System. This high-tech mattress reads a sleeper’s body and adjusts to create a custom, interactive sleep experience. Using Scientific Measurement and Response Technology (S.M.A.R.T) sensors, the mattress monitors movement and automatically triggers air cylinders that slowly expand or contract for optimal comfort and support throughout the night so that it is constantly adapting to any changes. After a few nights, the mattress will learn individual sleep patterns and create a “signature” for each sleeper. With the “Care Center” app, users can create a profile and track their sleep habits.


Spaldin_Sleep_Systems_Gemma_Core_DetailSpaldin’s new Gemma Mattress is made from an innovative, patent-pending foam. Its gem-like cell structure is inspired by nature and allows for constant airflow inside the mattress. This unique manufacturing process allows the Gemma foam to dry almost immediately following exposure to moisture. The multi-layered construction is made up of a variety of foams, each with a different resiliency and memory characteristics, in order to maximize comfort and support ideal body alignment.



XsensorREVEAL™ is the newest pressuring mapping technology from XSENSOR. Created specifically for the retail mattress market, REVEAL uses a highly accurate imaging system made from 1600 sensors to display a high resolution body pressure image. This technology produces dynamic images to assist RSAs in making mattress recommendations and educate consumers on proper mattress conformity and support to relieve pressure points. This highly scientific approach helps build consumer trust with its unbiased and personalized selling approach.