Magniflex’s Nuvola Collection Offers A High-Tech Cooling Story

Magniflex is bringing its cooling Nuvola Collection to the fall High Point market. Made with a blend of Thermic fabric and Aquabreeze foam, this line maintains a contemporary appearance that is consistent with the advanced technology it utilizes. The collection also features a Dual Core, giving couples the ability to adjust their personal comfort with a quick zip and flip of the internal foam cores. 

Using Thermic technology, the mattresses in the collection create a cool yet comfortable feeling that lasts all night. By absorbing the sleeper’s body heat, the material stores energy and then releases it to generate a cooling sensation in contact with the body. This cutting-edge material is applied to highly breathable, natural viscose fabric on the top side of the mattress cover to provide freshness and constant airflow.  

By employing the plush but resilient Aquabreeze foam, the Nuvola collection offers high recovery and flexibility. The foam features an internal open-cell structure that increases airflow within the mattress for enhanced freshness and cooling without compromising coziness. 

With the introduction of the Nuvola collection in two profiles, the 10-inch and 12-inch, Magniflex delivers a technologically-advanced sleep solution with a starting retail price point of $1999 in Queen.