Magniflex Sees Success With Magnistretch Collection

Magniflex, a luxury mattress manufacturer from Italy, has been providing customers with innovative sleep products since 1962. Offering back pain relieving technology, the brand’s Magnistretch has been gaining momentum since its introduction in 2016 and is by far the best-selling and most popular line of the Magniflex assortment. Due to its worldwide success, Magniflex has added one more model to the Magnistretch collection – Magnistretch Sport.

All of the Magnistretch models feature a patented technology that endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. With a  lower profile of 10’’, the Magnistretch Sport features a removable and washable non-quilted cover. The body immediately benefits from the stretching technology and the mattress provides a firmer comfort level than the other two Magnistretch models.

The Magnistretch X 14 is unique with its X-Static cover that uses metallic silver fabric for recovery, temperature regulation and bacteria reduction and provides a medium-soft comfort level. Magnistretch 12 is Magniflex’s best-seller and has a medium-firm comfort with the cover made of Outlast fabric, a temperature-regulating material developed by NASA. All Magnistretch models are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified against toxic chemicals and are 100% made in Italy.