Magniflex Introduces the Toscana Collection

Magniflex Toscana CollectionMagniflex has introduced the Toscana Collection, a lineup of four new memory foam mattresses and pillows comprised of 100% organic cotton fabrics and multiple layers of proprietary, eco-responsible materials.

Made up of four models in a variety of comfort feels, the Toscana Collection utilizes unique raw materials, including Ecogreen, Geomemory, and Mallow Foam. Infused with aloe vera essences and plant-derived essential oils in place of petroleum, Ecogreen lends natural calming properties while providing firm support and encouraging proper spinal alignment. Geomemory uses soy in place of synthetic latex and water in place of solvents, in addition to a flame retardant derived from sea sand. It adapts to pressure points and conforms evenly to the body, encouraging optimum circulation. Exclusively featured in the Cotton Grande Dual 12, ultra-soft Mallow Foam provides calming and soothing effects thanks to the use of mallow, an ancient Mediterannean flower used in herbology for its healing properties.

All of the raw materials within the collection are sourced from local, eco-conscious suppliers, reducing overall CO2 emissions while supporting the local economy surrounding their factory and headquarters in Prado, Italy. Oeko Tex, an independent testing and certification system for textile products, awarded Magniflex Class I certification, which ensures the absence of toxic substances harmful to humans and the environment.

Organically-grown cotton covers ensure zero exposure to pesticides (some of which can be potentially carcinogenic). Hydroscopic action absorbs humidity for exceptional breathability, while aloe vera, essential oils, and rich soya proteins offer therapeutic properties. Three-dimensional fabric used on the outer layer of Toscana mattresses offers a high level of breathability, regulating internal humidity while keeping the mattress clean and dry.

Magniflex has also unveiled the Toscana pillow collection in association with the mattress line-up. All Toscana pillows are made from Magniflex’s proprietary Geomemory foam and feature center perforations to enhance breathability. From the neck supporting Wave to the soothing Orthomassage, there’s a pillow for every preference. Aloe vera essences and removable, organic covers optimize comfort and create a sensual sleep experience.

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About Magniflex: Italian bedding manufacturer Magniflex produces luxury mattresses and pillows using patented memory foam and memory gel technologies. Magniflex products are OEKO-TEX certified, sourced from local, EU- regulated suppliers, and manufactured to reduce ecological impact from start to finish. Founded in 1960, Magniflex has sold over 35 million mattresses in 81 countries worldwide.