Magniflex Debuts Magnistretch X At Las Vegas Market

Magniflex, a luxury mattress manufacturer, is bringing its latest mattress program, Magnistretch X, to the Winter Las Vegas Market.

Due to the success of the MagniStretch mattress, the company is now rolling out an upgraded version of the current model called the Magnistretch X. Magniflex’s patented mattress is designed to stretch and decompress the spine and is approved and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Featuring technology that uses the pressure exerted by the body to gently stretch the spinal column, the Magnistretch X gradually increases space between vertebrae to improves blood circulation and alleviate back pain.

Retailing at $2999 IMAP and $3299 MSRP, the Magnistretch X is encased in the X-Static mattress cover which uses metallic silver fabric for recovery, temperature regulation & bacteria reduction. The new model also has a higher profile at 14”.