Magniflex Collaborates with Carolina Mattress Guild On New Hybrid Collection

Magniflex will debut a new collection in collaboration with Carolina Mattress Guild at Spring High Point Market. This new line of products are specifically tailored for and distributed to the United States market.

While Magniflex USA will continue to focus on and manufacture the Italian-made, all foam beds that have brought them international success, they have enlisted the assistance of Carolina Mattress Guild in producing a series of hybrid compressed mattresses under the Magniflex name. Carolina Mattress Guild will be utilizing many of Magniflex’s Italian components, allowing the products to stay true to and resonate with the company’s story and heritage.

The collection includes six brand new mattresses under the Magniflex name: three all-foam mattresses utilizing Magniflex’s signature, patented memory foam and three “hybrid” mattresses combining Carolina Mattress Guild’s innerspring technology with Magniflex memory foam for more economical options. All six mattresses also come equipped with specially designed “knock down” foundations from Carolina Mattress Guild. The collection was designed to be rolled up for easy, affordable shipping, an important aspect of the Magniflex business model that has helped earn them international acclaim as both an eco-conscious and value-conscious manufacturer.

“We wanted to make sure that our new product line was shippable via UPS, keeping in line with previous collections,” said Marco Magni, Global Sales Director at Magniflex. “Carolina Mattress Guild’s innovative innerspring technology and knock down foundations helped make that possible... It’s really a perfect match.”

This collaboration marks Magniflex’s first foray into the “hybrid” mattress market, targeting consumers with limited budgets who still want the adaptive support and cooling comfort of Memoform, the brand’s innovative, proprietary memory foam that gently conforms to the body’s contours and reacts rapidly to heat and pressure to promote optimal temperature control, circulation, and spinal alignment.

Of the new venture, President of Carolina Mattress Guild, Eric Hinshaw, stated, “We are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with a company that has the worldwide reputation for quality that Magniflex has. It is a truly exciting, mutually beneficial collaboration.”

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About Magniflex: For over 50 years, Magniflex has been producing high-quality, Italian made beds around the world. Founded in 1962 in Prato, Italy, Magniflex has become globally renowned for their expertise in foam mattresses, which can be found in over 70 international markets.

About Carolina Mattress Guild: Founded in 1991, Carolina Mattress Guild offers innovative, eco-friendly, American-made sleep products that are produced using a combination of hand detailed artisan craftsmanship and highly advanced production equipment.