Luxury, Comfort and Variety with E.S. Kluft & Company’s A3 Series

With the introduction of E.S. Kluft & Company’s new A3 Series, retailers are able to offer consumers more comfort, variety and options to meet more exact mattress needs.  An extension of E.S. Kluft’s Aireloom mattresses, the A3 Series includes a foundation, middle mattress, and ComfortTop pad.

Both the middle mattress and ComfortTop offer different comfort and material options. The middle mattress has three firmness levels and is made of latex, gel-infused foams, wool, cotton and wrapped coils. In addition, it can be purchased as two separate sides.

Double-sided, the ComfortTop is a separate add-on to the mattress with one side made of New Zealand joma wool and the reverse side lined with organic cotton. Included in the types of ComfortTops is the highly anticipated Watergel from Italy.

The interchangeable middle mattress and ComfortTop provide ways for retailers to further cater to the sleeper. The middle mattress may be purchased as separate pieces for two sleepers to have different levels of firmness below the ComfortTop. These alternatives ensure the shopper leaves a store most satisfied and reduces the risk of returns. In addition, the ComfortTop is detachable allowing the consumer to buy a substitute ComfortTop should sleeper preference change in the future.

Kluft elaborates, “With this new concept mattress couples will not have to compromise, and if they decide later they prefer a different comfort experience, they can return and exchange just the top or one side of the middle mattress. The retailer will be able to accommodate them without a full return.”

In addition, with the inclusion of the separate sides of the middle mattress, retailers are able to showcase different levels of firmness in one floor sample. Doing so offers shoppers more opportunities for comparison and saves retailers space on their store floor.

With three different tiers and adjustable base friendly, the A3 Series includes the luxury and craftmanship seen across E.S Kluft & Company’s mattresses. As consumers seek sleep solutions customized to their individual needs and retailers looking for different ways to reach higher profits, A3 Series offers viable, quality options.