Looking at Gel

As we first observed in the Winter 2011 issue, gel continues to be an innovative material now used in a variety of ways throughout the mattress industry. Gel is known to disperse body heat creating cooler surfaces making it an ideal material for use within the bedding industry. We have captured a few of the most recent products now available for your showroom.

Classic Brands
Cool Gel Collection—Classic Brands’ Cool Gel Memory Foam includes gel infused into the memory foam to create a cooler, consistent sleep surface while still retaining the pressure- relieving properties of traditional memory foam. The collection features the 9-inch Breeze, 10-inch Moonlight and 12-inch Skye.
Cool Gel Pillow—Complimenting the collection, the Cool Gel pillow is a memory foam surrounding a complete layer of Cool Gel. The layer of gel gives a cooling sensation while sleeping and eliminates the need to flip the pillow to find a cool side.

CoolBlue Sleep Technology—The new Egel mattress features CoolBlue Sleep Technology. Containing 4000 two-inch gel cylinders bonded to memory foam, these solid cylinders are made of soybased cooling gel meant to give a cooler night’s sleep. The gel is made from 60% plant based oils and has a bio-degradable structure making it safer for the environment.

Gold Bond
EcoSense Collection—This addition of gel offers customers the luxurious, shape-conforming, cooling feel of gel all the while remaining affordable. It features enhanced specifications over competing gel products at the same price point and greater value through its thicker construction, higher gel content and use of quality fabrics.

Jamison Bedding
Gel Comfort™ Collection—Incorporating a formulation of visco foam blended with gel beads called JGel™, the Gel Comfort bed uses memory foam layers with densities of up to five pounds. Top models include active air exchange systems to promote air circulation and a cooler, comfortable sleep. The Gel Comfort Collection capitalizes on the comfort of memory foam, includes varying degrees of comfort based on preference, and addresses the connection between body temperature and sleep.


BluTek Collection—Using cool support technology, the BluTek mattress includes a progressive support system that creates a solution to the vertical and horizontal zoning. A complete layer of gel poured onto the support foam allows for a cool, comfortable sleep.

OrthoGel Collection—the OrthoGel mattress collection includes the honeycomb gel technology which reduces the body’s pressure points and supports all parts of the body equally. The OrthoGel Awakenings is paired with a double layer of Talalay latex that enhances the benefits of the gel and the OrthoGel Sweet Mornings includes a foam or latex atop a tempered and pre-compressed coil system for maximum relief and comfort.

Pure LatexBLISS
GEL inside™ Collection—A complete line of pillows and toppers, the collection’s ACTIVE Gel™ technology is the industry’s first nonstatic gel material that can store energy and release energy on demand for the sleeper. Made of talalay latex and new ACTIVE Gel™ the collection will include mattresses in January 2012.

iComfort Collection—Serta’s successful iComfort line features Cool Action™ Gel Memory foam. The memory foam is infused with Serta’s MicroSupport™ gel designed to deliver pressure relief and offer support, while sleeping cooler than normal memory foam beds. With the addition of Prodigy, Serta now offers four beds in the skew, rounded out by Revolution, Genius, and Insight—allowing retailers options to reach multiple price points.

ComforPedic Loft Collection—Now containing the patent pending AirCool Sleep System along with its NXG® Microgel Touch, Simmons combines proprietary memory foam and gel technologies to add support, comfort and a cooling sensation to the sleep experience.

Sleep Innovations
CustomWave Mattress Topper Collection—With Sleep Innovations patented gel technology, Novaform Gel, the new topper collection includes a contour layer for maximum comfort, improved support and increased air flow to ensure optimal sleep temperature. The CustomWave™ support-layer works interactively with the top Comfort Layer, allowing the softer top Comfort Layer to displace under pressure for added support, superior pressure point relief, and an uninterrupted sleep.

Piacere Mattress—this mattress includes Technogel® from the shoulders to the hip section to offer sleepers a pressure relieving surface each night
Estasi Mattress—taking the Piacere mattress one step further, the Estasi mattress features an entire layer of Technogel® foam to relieve pressure throughout the entire bed.
Pillows—Technogel offers four different pillows—Classic, Deluxe, Anatomic, and Contour— to ensure consumers have a pillow specifically designed for their individual needs. The three collections were developed in conjunction with Dr. Scholl’s.

Therapedic International
GelTouch Collection— The open cell design of this gel-memory foam mattress supports air and moisture movement, increased blood flow and oxygen exposure to skin. Using DynaFlow® Cooling Fabric the “swirled” gel-memory foam boasts enhanced gel coverage, greater cooling properties and comfort benefits. Available in three models, the GelTouch Collection looks to consumers with their eye on the latest technology advancements.