Lilybed Aims to Empower Women Through Better Sleep

Throughout the bedding industry, it seems common knowledge these days that it is the women of the households who make the decisions when it comes to purchasing home furnishings. While many mattress manufacturers and retailers market their products with this insight in mind, few have made the female consumer their main focus quite like Lilybed has.

Introduced in 2015, Lilybed is one of the newest additions to the growing online-only mattress market—and the first of its kind to specifically target female consumers. But rather than simply creating traditionally feminine aesthetics, the company was committed to designing and constructing a mattress that would specifically benefit women’s bodies.

“Women require more rejuvenating sleep each night than men,” explained co-founder and CEO David Tilley. “Yet they are more at risk for long term health programs because of sleep disorders. We want to help women put themselves first by empowering them through better sleep.”

Lilybed stands out from the rest of the online, one-size-fits-all mattress brands, not only because of its niche marketing target but its innovative design and construction. The company did comprehensive research (including general demographic research and extensive sleep trials) as it set out to develop one, perfectly designed mattress that would accommodate and support a wide range of female bodies. While Lilybed has a “women first” approach, this testing also confirmed that the mattress’ ratio of comfort to support can be universally appreciated by people of all genders.

Starting from the bottom up, Lilybed first developed a superior base foam that is unlike any other brand: a four-inch firming layer that is designed to support the body’s silhouette and maintain its natural curves and posture. With nearly half the amount of base foam than most memory foam beds on the market, Lilybed provides just the right amount of support without overpowering the mattress with firmness. This also allows the company to offer the maximum amount of higher quality materials within the comfort layers.  Atop the support foam is an advanced responsive core, made from four inches of proprietary responsive foam, which creates a weightless sensation that supports any sleeping position. At the very top is two inches of soft memory foam, which works to reduce the pressure on the skin. This 4-4-2 construction offers a completely unique ratio of feel to comfort to support.

To further enhance the sleep environment, Lilybed integrated Adaptive Finish technology in its covers—an innovative new technology that regulates temperature and moisture. The final element is the advanced Pure-Tex finish, which is a naturally allergen-free probiotic that absorbs and limits humidity during the night for a cleaner, cooler sleep system.

"We had planned right from the start to create something special for women," explained Brittany Bentley, co-founder and President. "The mattress industry is so consumed with trying to create a mattress for everyone that they forgot a female body is special and magical; we deserve something better. "

Lilybed is committed to empowering women—and that goal is visible throughout every aspect of the company, from the mattress design to the branding to the overall business goals. Beyond simply marketing its product towards women, Lilybed also makes a point to support and female-oriented charities as well.

Priced at $950, each Lilybed is designed, developed and manufactured in the United States and sold direct-to-consumer in the company’s Vermont showroom and online.

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