Learn More About the 33 Companies Featured in the SSA Showroom

The Specialty Sleep Association will be hosting 33 individual manufacturers of mattress, bedding products and related services at the summer Las Vegas Market. The show floor will highlight the importance of the sales and marketing of accessories for sleep shops by showcasing sixteen exhibitors offering a pillow product. Additionally, SSA will feature nine companies that offer a full range of mattresses alongside manufacturers of body temperature regulating products, mattress/pillow protection, bed frames and support.

Several of the companies featured in the SSA showroom are unveiling products that are focused on body temperature. ViscoSoft is introducing several new items at market, including the body temperature-focused SeasonSense pillow. This innovative product features one side of cooling gel for the warmer months, and a more insulating side for cooler weather. The company’s Supreme SeasonSense has an added goose-down and feather fill to the insulating part of the pillow, while the TempSense pillow offers a softer feel, simplifying many of the SeasonSense features while still delivering the temperature control aspect.

Continuing to lead the charge for body temperature-control products, Chili Tech is introducing its new control system for the Chili Pad – presenting retailers with the results of this three year, $250K development process. BedJet is introducing its new way of heating and cooling a bed: an ultra-rapid and affordable pro-active bed cooling, heating, and climate control system, providing near instant control for users' sleep temperature preferences.

Danican is unveiling its new line of COOLTECH mattresses, which combine cool gel memory foam covered in cooling ticking that is made from the same fabric used for making live-supporting parachutes. This collection features 1-inch Danican memory foam in the cover, with 2 ½ inch Danican cool gel memory foam and a 4 ½ inch support layer, as well as their 2 inch topper with ventilated cool gel memory foam. The rapidly growing company is also offering a complementary pillow program suited for all sleep preferences.

DreamPur is introducing three innovative memory foam pillows for different sleeping preferences. The Blissful Pillow features ventilation rings for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. The Rose Pillow has a unique foam core with a delicate and amazing soft touch, while the Carbon Pillow is specially designed for consumers looking for high-profile pillow.

Palmpring is introducing new soap- and contour-shaped, hypo-allergenic latex pillows that serve as an all-natural alternative to traditional cotton, wool or polyester fill pillows. The formulation of the natural latex layers prevents heat and moisture retention, helping the pillows remain resistant to germs, mold and bacteria growth. As a result the all-natural pillow lasts twice as long as other pillows.

Soft-Tex is introducing “Pillowise”, a system for measuring a sleeper’s head, neck and shoulders as well as sleep preferences to determine the best pillow for the consumer. Created by a Dutch physical therapist Thijs van der Hilst in 2003, Pillowise calls for a set of measurements, which are then entered into a specially designed app, which can be accessed online as well as on all mobile devices or with its in-store POP. The app assigns the consumer a color (pink, orange, green, blue, red or purple) that is embroidered on the edges of the pillows. Made-to-measure pillows based on the van der Hilst algorithm have been sold in Europe for 10 years, but this is the first appearance of this approach to pillow selection in the US market.

Sleepow is introducing their luxurious memory foam pillow with an OEM embedded sound machine and mp3 player which allows the consumer to drift off to sleep with pre-loaded binaural beats relaxation music, or to stream their books, TV or music via Bluetooth or upload their own tracks to the Sleepow.

Proper Pillow offers its revolutionary-designed pillows which support the head and neck for both back and side sleepers by incorporating an inner orthotic pillow made from low density memory foam and an outer quilted, washable outer shell.

Retailers will also see a large selection of mattress and pillow protector systems in the SSA showroom at this market.

Environmentally-conscious Sleep & Beyond is introducing MyProtector, a mattress protector using TermoPlastic Urethane as the waterproofing material, allowing them to produce a biodegradable product that is solvent-free, not chemically treated, without off-gassing. MyProtector is made from breathable, washable wool that regulates the body temperature and features natural cotton percale for enhanced comfort.

Home Extras is introducing the Ultimate Shield mattress covers, offering a hypoallergenic multi-ply liquid barrier cloth that silently prevents mattress damage due to spills with no added sleep disruption. Based in Vernon, CA, the “Simple Fit Solution” accommodates mattress thickness between 9” - 21” (fitting more than 90% of all mattresses), eliminating the need for valuable inventory space.

The SSA showroom will also feature natural and organic product for retailers who wish to sell “green” products:

Naturepedic Mattress is launching a new marketing program “Beyond Certified”, which focuses on the GOTS certified organic encased coil and hybrid mattresses as well as more traditional latex mattresses. The organic mattress company will also introduce three new products: the Trio washable, customizable pillow, a certified organic waterproof mattress protector and the FlexSlat Adjustable European Style Slat Foundation.

Suite Sleep Inc is introducing a lower cost kids' innerspring mattress into their “Little Lamb Organic Kid's Collection”. This new addition features the Little Lamb Organic Cotton Knit ticking, American Dream Wool, Natural Latex and top of the line VertiCoil Edge innersprings.

Rounding out the rest of the SSA showroom introductions, Tyler Net, Inc is introducing its Smartwerks Mobile POS, which allows a retailer to run all of their Point Of Sale modules from an Ipad or Tablet. Retailers can run the “Easy Sell” and accept credit cards on the go; plus, their delivery staff can finalize the transaction at the customer's home. They report that, “selling has never been easier or faster.”

Mattress display company RoyRack Co. is returning after their market debut last January with a new and simpler way to adjust their racks for different weight mattresses, as well as a cabinet that can house their display rack, for retailers looking for a less industrial look of the original RoyRack system.

Xsensor Techology will be focusing on helping the retailer to sell and to serve their customers better. The company will be presenting an educational seminar at Las Vegas Market entitled “Body Mapping: How Retailers Can Help Consumers Choose the Right Bed and Improve Sales”. They will showcase the REVEAL Mattress Recommendation System, which allows retailers to help customers determine the best mattress according to individual pressure points – and offers a more enhanced opportunity for retailers to customize their branding.

To bring clear focus to the new research recently released on the growing problem of obesity in America (citing 30%-35% of Americans are overweight or obese), Forever Foundations will be demonstrating a video showing a 4,000 pound John Deer Compact Utility Tractor being hoisted on top of the Foundation MAX PLUS – their mattress support system specifically engineered to create the superior strength and the durability needed for the high performance mattresses designed for the PLUS-sized customer. The company will also be introducing their new Designer Fashion CAP, to cover the foundation/platform giving what they report to be a beautiful upholstered appearance.

New Exhibitor AQ Textiles will be showing a range of technology based bedding under the INTELLATEX family of products. AllerBlock allergen reducing bed sheets and mattress covers certified buy Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Guardian Bed Bug Protection, bed sheets, mattress covers and pillow protectors, Tech 5 bed sheets offering multiple performance benefits and Brookstone branded bed sheets.

U.S. Sleep Products is introducing a line of affordably-priced memory foam and gel mattresses and pillows. Alex Naziri, U.S. Sleep Products C.E.O and founder asks, “With so many ‘me too’ memory foam mattresses to choose from, how can you decide which one to buy?” US Sleep Products address the four main factors that smart consumers and mattress retailers should keep in mind: price, comfort, quality, availability).

For more information, visit www.sleepinformation.org or www.BEDFAX.org