Latex International Leads the Latex Mattress Category

It’s no secret that one of the fastest growing segments of the bedding industry is the all-latex mattress category. Until recently, latex has been used in mattresses mainly as a comfort layer inside an innerspring mattress or combined with a polyurethane support core of high-density foam to make a “hybrid-latex mattress”. These hybrid mattresses provide a distinctively “uplifting” feel to most standard spring-only mattresses. But the real success and growth in the latex category is the “all-latex” mattress.

Latex International is often the go-to company for mattress manufacturers that are shopping for latex. In fact, the Connecticut-based company sold millions of dollars of latex exclusively to the mattress industry in 2011. From comfort layers inside mattresses to entire beds, as well as accessories such as pillows and toppers; the company’s proprietary Dunlop, Talalay, and new TalalayGL gel-like latex rubber to deliver a feel that satisfies mattress manufacturers and comforts consumers.

Looking to deliver even more comfort, leading manufacturers have begun assembling multiple layers, and densities, of latex in every latex mattress. All-latex mattresses offer consumers different levels of support and comfort. Tom Eisenberg, vice president of strategic marketing at Latex International says, “it makes sense, if one builds a great talalay latex bed, consumers and retailers will experience an uplifting feel of a pure Talalay latex mattress that is demonstrably different than latex beds retailers could offer in the past.”

As we explained in our Spring 2011 issue, two processes are used to make the latex foam used in mattresses: Dunlop and Talalay*. The basic difference in these two processes is in the outcome – the Dunlop process produces a more dense, supportive latex foam, while the Talalay process produces both a dense and a lighter, more airy foam for superb comfort.

Not only has Latex International invested in the all-latex mattress category, by supporting and recently purchasing Pure LatexBLISS, the company continues to create innovative products. Recently, Latex International introduced what it refers to as a phase changing Talalay latex that offers a full spectrum of climate control. The new TalalayGL “beyond gel” is 100% Talalay latex with a patented formulation that moderates heat energy released by the body to cool down a warm sleeper and warm a cool sleeper.

The benefits of a mattress with TalalayGL include reducing tossing and turning due to the latex’s ability to moderate heat energy while providing uplifting pressure relief. Additionally, the special formulation provides manufactures both the authentic instant recovery of talalay latex, and a slow recovery version, providing a comfortable cradling feel which until now was found almost only in memory foams. Beds made with TalalayGL are currently available from Jamison, Pure LatexBLISS and Spring Air.

Several of the company’s other manufacturing customers are also marketing all-Talalay latex designed beds, Eisenberg explained. He also drew attention to Latex International’s new certification trademark, ‘lift, relax and relieve™.’” “We will begin to offer a new marketing initiative in tandem with our strategic partners, who sell the highest quality latex beds in the world,” he added.

While using all Talalay latex adds to the overall cost of making the bed, Latex International maintains that high-quality manufacturing standards and materials create winning products. The high quality materials used yield a, the better performing and longer lasting mattress.

“Retailers see the all-latex mattress as an alternative to the inordinate influx of authentic memory foam, knockoff memory foam, gel memory foam, knockoff gel memory foam, etc.,” Eisenberg noted “Consumers who do not like the sinking feeling of memory foam may love the uplifting feel of Talalay latex. This is a great way to offer an alternative and still maintain TempurPedic price points” he added.

Not only is Latex International committed to making quality latex and supplying manufactures with the latest technologies to keep customers coming into retailers’ stores, they provide them and their RSAs field-tested training. “We are committed to training any retailer with a Talalay latex mattress line,” said company president and chief operation officer, Dave Fisher. Our carefully developed and field-tested process helps RSAs communicate the unique benefits of a Talalay latex mattress to your customers. Fisher added, “We provide this service in conjunction with our strategic business partners to move the latex category upwards.”

Added Eisenberg “We are committed to improving the way we communicate about the benefits of latex. For too long, the industry, including Latex International, always talked about what latex is. But, it is more important to talk about what latex does. A consumer doesn’t want to hear about a manufacturing process, or how much of the final mattress is natural, they want to know how a latex mattress will help them sleep better”

When asked for an example, Eisenberg jumped in again citing the company’s new tagline -- lift, relax and relieve™, which will be the hallmark of a new certification program for key strategic partners. This program will focus on key business partners who are investing in all latex mattresses. It is designed to help manufactures better market these new, certified products to retailers and retailers better communicate the benefits a consumer feels when they lie on the beds. The combination of the two, Latex International says will not only sell more beds, but will continue to grow the all-latex mattress category.

As the fastest growing segment of the bedding industry, many retailers are considering adding or expanding their stores’ all-latex mattress options. Meeting with Latex International will serve as a reminder that, just like our examination of organic wool and cotton detailed within the spring 2012 issue, not all latex beds are created equal, and soon, both retailers and consumers will hear more about the advantages of authentic all-latex beds.

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