Kingsdown’s New Apparel-Inspired Styling Is Designed To Boost Sales

Taking a cue from New York’s fashion runways, Kingsdown has given its product lineup a style infusion to offer more consumer appeal on retail floors. Woven paisley, polka dots and fashion-forward color combinations adorn the latest Kingsdown mattresses, including its luxury Vintage Collection and the moderately priced Passions Collection. 

Kingsdown’s focus on designer looks is part of the company’s new merchandising strategy on the heels of the recent merger with Kingsdown Canada. Working in conjunction with the merchandising and design team in Canada, the company has infused its entire lineup with a nod to fashion. In addition to designs inspired by paisley ties, pocket squares and the ever-trendy polka dot patterns, Kingsdown has also added splashes of navy, gray, black and red accents to its mattresses. 

“We’ve created a fashionable, color explosion that is supported by great design throughout the Kingsdown line,” said Frank Hood, president and CEO of Kingsdown. “Our design team has enhanced the specifications of many of the products we had before and dramatically enhanced the aesthetic. Going forward, we’ll be producing anything but an off-the-rack look.” 

The redesign of Kingsdown’s Vintage Collection showcases the luxury collection in a silky white cover that features a woven paisley pattern in a contrasting deep gray. The mattress borders of each model offer a rich, block stitch for added eye appeal. Tape-edges for the collection were designed with a larger, tailored flange design for an opulent finish.   

The Passions Collection was redesigned to feature striking borders reminiscent of a dressy men’s pocket square in gray, blue and white, and an alternative border design in white with the ever-popular navy polka dots. The contemporary looks offer a distinctive look for the popularly priced collection. 

“Our number one goal with the redesign of these collections is to be unique and different,” Hood continued. “The tie breaker in today’s marketplace is going to be style, and these new designs will definitely stand out.”